The boys of BTS are taking their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour all over the civilization, and it seems the tears are adhering to them eextremely step of the method. After Jungkook’s emotional farewell on U.S. soil, it was currently Jimin’s turn to let out all the feels in the time of the group's two-night, sold-out speak at the Allianz Parque in São Paulo, Brazil.

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During the initially night of the event on May 25, the ARMY went into an international breakdown upon seeing Jimin crying while singing “The Truth Untold” via his bandmates. And while some fans believed his struggling to sing the ballad was an additional “normal” tearjerker moment, others feared it had somepoint to carry out through Jiminie’s actual health.

“,,, this absolutely broke my heart! b-armys sassist that jimin was sick, and also was coughing a lot in the time of the certain he was crying bc he couldn't provide his 100% yet someone pls let him understand that we understand also and it's entirely okay!!” an ARMY noticed on Twitter when clips of the tearful moment began to surface.

Thankcompletely, ARMYs (and Jungkook) were tright here to take over his lines in yet an additional BTS heartwarming minute. The following day, just prior to the septet sang the tour’s farewell song “Mikrokosmos,” Jimin took the opportunity to clear the air on his health and wellness and also disclose the true factor for his tears.

“There's somepoint I want to make certain to tell all of you. Actually, this seldom happens but my body was a little unwell till yesterday. <...> But the factor I cried yesterday was because you all sang together with us. Right? I was deeply moved by that and it became a gift for me, males,” Jimin shared on-stage according to a committed fan account who posted and also analyzed Jimin’s emotional speech in full on Twitter.

“Thank you so, so much. I’ll never before forgain that you relocated my heart and everything I got from you, even after today. And I’ve gained much better now! Thank you so, so a lot and also I love you all a lot. Thank you!" Jimin ultimately added. In the end, his tears were "happy tears" and also fans sucount noticed.

"Seeing Jimin crying at #BTSatAllianzParque is reminding me of when he cried at Citi Field, which he later talked about being a moment of positive epiphany in his life. Not all tears are sorrowful; some are healing," an ARMY tweeted. After the concert, Jimin himself also posted a couple of snaps to Twitter expushing his gratitude to the Brazilian ARMY for singing with him.

BTS still has actually a couple of stops left in this tour in Europe and Asia. The Bangtan boys will certainly be perdeveloping at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London (and also live streaming it for the rest of the civilization through VLIVE+) this weekfinish and also will later on take over Paris before heading earlier to Korea, so we'd better begin buckling up for some more emotional moments.

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