Black Ops 3 introduces the capability to share, price and also download custom paint work with other players.

One of the many anticipated features of the Black Ops 3 multiplayer suffer hregarding be the capacity to see, rate and also also downpack the emblems, variant camo and also paint jobs from various other players. Due to the fact that the game dropped last Friday there"s been a lot of confusion among players eager to gain on sharing paint jobs, as the mechanism does not seem to be working effectively yet.

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This confusion arises both from a glitch in the freshly released game and bereason of distinctions between the various console versions. Although this wasn"t clear at the start, you actually cannot downfill tradition camo from other players on the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions – this feature is only obtainable for present gen and also COMPUTER gamers.

User produced content is just obtainable if you especially select to publish it for public consumption, so if you can"t grab an awesome emblem you"ve viewed supplied in multiplayer, that may be the cause.

If you"ve obtained a paint project you desire to share, hit the Start Start switch in the major menu and also choose the Paint Shop choice underneath the “Identity” tab.

Access your emblem or paint job and also then choose “Publish” to make it accessible for other players to rate and (hopecompletely once the problem is finally resolved) downfill for their own use.

Publishing a paint job

To rate or downfill different paint tasks from an additional player, choose that player"s tag in your matchmaking lobby and also select Showsituation.

Player Showcase

Select either Repaint Jobs, Emblems or Variants to see that player"s custom work-related. Unfortunately, there"s been a glitch over the weekend wbelow many people"s practice paint tasks aren"t getting here at all – also after they are correctly publimelted.

If the camo or emblem is accessible, pick the publimelted paint project you desire and hit triangle on PS4 or Y on the Xbox One and also from there you deserve to rate or download. The problem is that many type of players they are only seeing the “like” choice and also not the downfill option, so downloading and install camo isn"t functioning for most players ideal now. For others it"s functioning when it isn"t meant to, downloading unexpectedly after rating the custom paint task.

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Be sure to let us understand if you"re able to acquire the downfill device to work effectively. Hopecompletely, this concern will certainly be refixed for everyone quickly as new updates are pushed complying with the game"s otherwise successful launch. Although it appears favor it will certainly be solved as the game is patched, in the worst instance scenario, it"s unfortunately possible the downpack choice might be culled totally (as freely downloading and install tradition visuals appears a tiny also great to be true on a game as huge as this one). We"ll store you updated on that status of the worry as alters are made and information comes out from Treyarch and Activision.