There’s no time to waste! Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP are live currently through March 29. Plus, we break dvery own an assault rifle provided by some of the finest pro players in Babsence Ops Cold War.

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There’s no time to waste! Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and also Double Battle Pass XP are live now via March 29. Plus, we break down an attack rifle provided by some of the finest pro players in Black Ops Cold War.

Right currently, in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, there’s a Triple-Double event featuring Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP till March 29 at 10 AM PDT.

That means there’s zero time to waste, specifically in a Prestige Primer, so let’s acquire you the details around this weekend, plus a pro-level major weapon. Let’s level up.

This Week’s Featured Operators

This week, we highlight badass Mil-Sim Operator Lieutenant Jada Powers from the Warobserved Pact.

A former Naval that jumped ship, it’s still believed that she might still be working for the CIA as an installed double agent… But for now, she’ll go up against any and all NATO Operators, and she’s fit to fight in desert conditions through her “Coyote Dust” Skin, discovered in the Season Two Battle Pass at Tier 70.

Our second Operator is the Cevery one of Duty League™ soldier rocking Toronto Ultra’s Main Uniform, found in their Team Pack, in celebration of their Home Series last weekfinish. The Toronto Ultra are hoping to climb up the standings this weekfinish, as Stage II of the 2021 Call of Duty Organization Seakid continues. The new-look Ultra roster is looking to get their initially 10 points of the Stage against the Los Angeles Guerrillas, likewise trying to find their first win.


You have the right to capture all the action on the Call of Duty League’s YouTube channel, and inspect out the latest standings and match schedule in Babsence Ops Cold War Organization Play. While you’re in-game, consider picking up Toronto Ultra’s Team Pack or show your assistance for the 11 various other teams through their own bundle, which includes two skins, a global weapon camo, and more.

Also, if you want to test your prediction abilities and also think you know who’s going to win this weekend, you deserve to enter the Stage II Cevery one of Duty Organization Pick’em game* to make your picks for a opportunity at winning some awesome prizes. Click here for more details.


Top Tip – Triple-Double Event Live Now!

We’ll store this week’s optimal reminder brief, bereason we desire you to dive right into Babsence Ops Cold War and Warzone ASAP to make the the majority of of the Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP live ideal now.

Even if you have whatever done for the seachild already, we recommfinish unlocking and levelling up that brand-new R1 Shadowhunter that dropped this week. It has since become a blog-writer’s favorite second weapon in Black Ops Cold War, and also we cannot wait to share our tips for unlocking it and making use of it.

Be on the lookout for that blog next week. But for currently, here’s a weapon you must think about using in the time of this weekend of Triple-Double XP goodness:

Gunsmith Blueprint of the Week

If you’re planning to take breaks during the Triple-Double weekfinish, then you can want to setup it roughly Call of Duty League Stage II Week Two and watch some matchups that might shake up those standings.

Those that want to play like the pros in Black Ops Cold War might develop their loadouts about the League’s presently desired SMG well-known as the AK74u, which we damaged dvery own in a previous Prestige Primer, or they might opt for this week’s featured weapon: the Krig 6. Here’s how some of the top assault rifle players in the CDL kit out their Krig 6, beginning with their wanted five attachment setup:


Did You Know? – OpTic Chicago’s Matthew “FormaL” Piper leads all primary assault rifle players in Hardsuggest K/D proportion (Kill/Death ratio) this seakid, boasting a 1.15 K/D in 17 games throughout Stage I and Stage II’s initially weekend.


The Krig 6 is developed for trusted fire at mid-range, and the attachments here better play to the weapon’s staminas. While some pros use the Field Agent Grip, given that it helps through both Vertical and also Horizontal Recoil Control, others usage the SFOD Speedgrip for an extra aggressive loadout, as it boosts Sprinting Move Speed substantially while still providing better Horizontal Recoil regulate.

Anvarious other attachment up for controversy is the Infanattempt Compensator. It penalizes Horizontal Recoil Control for significant Vertical Recoil Control. Pro players that don’t like this penalty opt for the Muzzle Brake 5.56 rather, as that helps them regulate Vertical Recoil through no downsides. Our advice? Try both out and also see what helps you lay down precise fire at a distance.

The other 3 are less up for conflict. The Millsheight Reflex gives a good sight photo, the Airborne Elastic Wrap grants super-quick Aim Down Sight (ADS) Time and the ability to aim while going prone, and the Raider Stock buffs both Sprint to Fire and Aim Walking Movement Speeds.

As for a loadout via the Gunfighter Wildcard attached, this is roughly what the pros use:


Did You Know? – New York Subliners’ James “Clayster” Eufinancial institutions used the Krig 6 as soon as he dropped off the map last week against the Los Angeles Thieves, his initially time taking a plunge in 213 days. Clayster and also the Subliners got the last laugh, though, as they reverse-brushed up LA in that series.


The two big adds with Gunfighter are a 40 Rnd magazine, which helps via engagements against multiple adversaries, and the 19.7” Ranger Barrel. Krig 6 users don’t necessarily need a range-boosting barrel, as the weapon has an impressive Damage Range statistic, so they usually go for the barrel that increase its Bullet Velocity considerably to get their shots dvery own those longer arrays much faster.

These should obtain you on the ideal path towards an awesome League Play loadout, or for somepoint in continual Multiplayer if you’re chasing Gold and Diamond camos for the Krig 6. However, if you’re searching for some flashiness in either lobby, then don’t hesitate to inspect out among the game’s latest Weapon Blueprints: the “Ice Drake” Mastercraft.


As is, this weapon has actually an ice-cold attachment setup, and also an also cooler weapon inspection animation in enhancement to its sub-zero ammunition.

Like any type of Weapon Blueprint within the Organization Play pool, this have the right to be carried into that mode so long as its restricted attachments (choose the SOCOM Eliminator) are swapped out, which we very recommend if you desire to give your opponents the cold shoulder while climbing up those ranks.

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And if you’re looking to really ice out the competition, we recommfinish throwing on Diamond or Plague Diamond camo on this Blueprint once you finish the base assault rifle camo obstacles.