Camille Rose"s Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth Serum is a healing hair oil blend crafted to combat thinning and hair breakage. A nurturing oil elixir of severy same seed and coconut is blfinished with golden jojoba and also olive fruit extracts for a shot of intense moisture. Scalp conditioning Amla oil and Brahmi herbs work-related to open up blocked hair follicles for improved circulation and optimal hair growth in this restorative hair cocktail.Benefits:RestorativeStrengthensImproves circulationPromotes hair growth/re-growthCurly girl friendlyFree of parabens & phthalatesKey Ingredients:Virgin Amla Oil strengthens hair follicles to condition & improve all at once hair healthBrahmi naturally thickens & nourishes, fostering hair growth

How to Use

Shake well before each use. Pour a little amount onto fingertips and also massage right into scalp. Use eincredibly various other night prior to bedtime, or as often as needed. Wash and also condition as normal via Camille Rose Naturals for ideal results.

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Virgin Amla Oil, Virgin Sesame Seed Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba Oils, Virgin Olive Oil, Pressed Macadamia Oils, Shebu Ws, Aromatic Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Honey, Biotin, MSM, Remblica Officinalis, Bringaraj Herbs, Brahmi, BTMS, Tea Tree Oil, Naturally-Scented.

Product Reviews

Rated 4.17 out of 5 stars

23 Reviews

Most Helpful Hopeful Review

Heaven in a bottle!

Omg, this oil is the bees"s knees! Divine heavens, it smells choose cherry cream soda and is good enough to eat, coming from someone that is exceptionally sensitive to smells! It is impressive via Ayurvedic, organic ingredients, lightweight and also suitable for day-to-day use as a leave in in the time of nightly scalp massperiods, weekly warm oil therapies or added to a deep conditioning mask. It actually soaks right into my low porosity hair form, instead of simply staying on the surconfront and making it oily, which is huge! I can"t use the majority of oils bereason they"re too hefty and they generally smell so disgusting (castor oil), yet this serum is a should have! It leaves it bouncy, voluminous, shiny and so exceptionally soft. My hair oil hunt is ultimately over.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Sores, Scabs, and also Beyond

I supplied just a tiny amount (dime to quarter size) to oil my entire scalp and also just a couple days later on, my head was itching and also I felt sores and also scabs all throughout my head. I never had actually this concern until making use of this product so beware of the possibility. I will certainly be going back to utilizing castor or jojoba oil. Just wish I can rerotate the product.

Reregarded by 23 customers



FJRChick fromWoodbury MN

I witnessed this recommfinished in a lot of places, so I provided it a swarm for my herbal curls. Unfortunately it simply made my hair greasy bereason there"s no great method to use it to my scalp. It constantly ends up overdoing it bereason it doesn"t have actually a dropper for the bottle. So can"t even begin to tell if it functions for hair growth but I simply made my hair a level grsimple mess. Moving onto something with rosemary.

The Best Growth Oil on the Market


Vicky fromFlorida

This is hands dvery own the finest hair expansion oil on the sector. It helps via the soothing of the scalp, for pre-poo"s and this oil also helps via size retention. Whenever my scalp is itchy I usually simply massage the oil into my scalp and also it calms dvery own.

My favorite oil!!!


SJ fromHouston

My favorite oil mix.

Heaven in a bottle!


Eurogamer fromDes Moines

Omg, this oil is the bees"s knees! Divine heavens, it smells choose cherry cream soda and also is good enough to eat, coming from someone who is extremely sensitive to smells! It is remarkable via Ayurvedic, organic ingredients, lightweight and suitable for day-to-day use as a leave in during nightly scalp masseras, weekly hot oil treatments or added to a deep conditioning mask. It actually soaks right into my low porosity hair type, instead of just staying on the surface and making it oily, which is huge! I can not usage many oils because they"re also hefty and they mostly smell so disgusting (castor oil), but this serum is a must have! It leaves it bouncy, voluminous, shiny and also so incredibly soft. My hair oil hunt is ultimately over.

I have 3 of these on had at all times!


Therealcortneyd fromScottsdale Arizona

This product helps my hair prosper and provide it some shine once I usage it! I use this product daily also on the days I do not was to keep it fresh!



Klo fromChicago

This oil has so many type of good ingredients and also has actually a humectant which is also much better. Msm deserve to be irritating to the scalp but itching goes ameans after a couple of supplies.

older womale magic


jinxhova fromMaryland

I have actually thick hair and my hair did massive chop and also hair over 14inchs lengthy I meacertain my hair ever week and I see expansion smells great additionally work-related on who family

My 2nd Bottle


Chey fromBronx, NY

I love this oil. Not just the oil but the brand also itself Camilla Rose is the among the curly hair agency that I"ve tried nearly all the products. I LOVE THEM. My hair as been thriving my hair nonstop. Love love love the smell and also lightweight it is. This is produced CURLY hair.

Smells delicious!


DallasDoll fromFairsee, TX

This feels excellent on my scalp. Helps with braids or an afro. Hair was shiny and also soft afterward.

Smells amazing


Ki fromDenver

So I have actually blond wavy/high poress hair. I use this and leave in before washing my hair. I either leave it in the night prior or leave in a pair of hours. This product smells amazing. Due to my hair kind I wouldn"t leave it in via out washing it, however I really choose this product. Make certain your massage the scalp to stimulate the scalp.

Did the opposite


T fromSC

Casupplied my hair to thin in areas that were never thinning. Overall perform not usage. Many type of harmful ingredients.

Waiting to view if it functions as much as growth


Ketsia fromHollylumber, Fl

I usage this, as directed on the bottle, on my scalp alone. I wish I could usage it to moisturize my entirety hair. I love the smell, and also my scalp continues to be moisturized. I will save using it to check out if helps my hair thrive and also then it may get 5 stars. Overall, it"s a great product so far!

Changed my mind


Lily pt 2 from:)

Okay so after making use of this I have noticed it provides my scalp really itchy. I uncovered out that this product has many type of harmful ingredients, which explains why my scalp began feeling super irritated. If you have actually a sensitive scalp, this isn"t for you!



Yemaya B fromMichigan

Loved the smell and it functioned very well in my daughters hair. Will definitely purchase aacquire soon!

In love


Lily from!

I want to start by saying this smells so excellent. It smells prefer the almond croissant from Starbucks lol. It smells delicious. My scalp feels really nourished and also much less dry. This is going to be my brand-new go to oil!



Jean fromNJ

I usage this when a week as a treatment before washing my hair and also have noticed my hair grows much faster and is as a whole even more nourimelted. I initially bought this to help through thinning hair and have actually not noticed a significant distinction in my hair density yet I will proceed to use this to nourish my scalp/hair



Vick fromVirginia

Love it

Sores, Scabs, and also Beyond


NaturalPeo fromEdmond, OK

I provided just a small amount (dime to quarter size) to oil my entire scalp and just a couple days later, my head was itching and I felt sores and scabs all throughout my head. I never before had actually this problem until making use of this product so beware of the opportunity. I will certainly be going ago to making use of castor or jojoba oil. Just wish I could return the product.

Love so far


AL526 fromMA

love utilizing this on my scalp especially as soon as doing braids or a protective style

Love It So Far


Kennedy fromCharlotte

I love the smell of this Hair Oil , it reminds me of prefer a birthday cake scent. I love that the Alma oil is the first ingredient detailed along with many various other really great oils so you recognize that the serum isn"t simply a whole bunch of fragrance, it has actually some actual product that will certainly be useful. My scalp always feels great after I usage it and also my scalp isn"t itchy or dry for a couple of days after using it. Haven"t been able to alert if there"s considerable expansion or not however hoping for the finest !

Best over-the-counter Ayurvedic scalp oil!


Beaute4Care fromVA

I love this stuff for my type high porosity hair! Best scalp serum for simple but effective hot oil treatments. I"ve been using this oil for years and it"s made such a distinction in the in its entirety health of my hair.

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Love it


taty498 fromPortland

I"ve supplied this for around a year currently and still have actually the very same bottle given that I do not use it around once a week. It works great as my hair has grown about 8 inches while utilizing this product. There"s no overwhelming smell with this hair oil and also it isn"t too thick or thin. It"s good for textured hair routines.

Natural Hair Oil


NaturallyMe fromIndiana

I LOVE THIS OIL! I have natural 4a/b hair! It is so moisturizing! And I love the scent! I"m glad that ultimately carries this brand also in their stores :)