Just wondering if anyone has tried it personally. if you haven't tried it, then don't bother answering. You never actually understand unmuch less youtry!


I recognize you said don't reply if you haven't tried, but I can't sit earlier and not say anypoint. Elmers glue is not somepoint that was made to be offered approximately the eye location, and eyes are exceptionally sensitive, so personally, I would advise againstit.


I have supplied it once it was a little runnier than eyelash glue and take a little longer to dry. Other than it works be careful you don't obtain it in your eye as soon as your putting it on or taking it off also don't rub your eyes atall!!


It shouldn't be bad eextremely when in a while, yet I wouldn't recommfinish it for daily usage because it isn't designed to be provided approximately the eyes.:)

"... then don't bother answering." Nope. It's an open up forum, everybody gets to add.Elmer's glue is a polyvinyl acetate adhesive. It isn't naturally dangerous, but exposure in the eye have the right to reason irritation, allergic responses, and other troubles (clogged ducts, loss of eyelashes). It dries tough and is not functional prefer latex-containing eyelash glues, and also would not be well-suited for usage on falsies. It would likewise most likely destroy the false eyelashes after removal. Most importantly, if you perform have an adverse reactivity and need clinical attention, your health and wellness insurance most likely will certainly refuse to cover your therapy bereason making use of white glue on your eyes is an intentional misusage of the product per the product label.Have some common sense civilization. Don't danger injuring your eyes; simply go without falsies until you obtain actual eyelashglue.

Jun 06, 2013

Rachel L.

Heh. I'm sorry. I just think its funny just how so many type of girls in the beauty department are totally brainwashed and exceptionally captured up in all these lies the "beauty experts" are telling you. Really, they just desire your money. Not yoursatisfaction.

Jun 06, 2013

Rachel L.

I'm not simply saying the glue per se, simply in basic. It's good to be open up minded, that'sall.

Jun 07, 2013

Emily W.

I am likewise one of the civilization that are trying to provide real, clinical answers to threads on steustatiushistory.org and also refute the jargon constantly spouted by those searching for a buck (or have bought right into the ones trying to find a buck). Unfortunately many world think about it an assault on the beauty sector if you mention any kind of clinical results that are in dispute through whatever a details brand also hregarding say. A lot of civilization seem to think that anecdotal evidence is exceptional to objective clinical research studies and also study, specifically if they have bought somepoint based upon anecdotes and also don't desire to admit that what they are enduring is an illusion.If I am posting around somepoint that has medical effects especially, I will certainly carry out study before posting and try to demonstrate dependable resources to ago my write-up up. Otherwise, you have actually a community of human being that contact you "mean" and also case that you are just trying to be contrary as soon as in fact you are trying to ACTUALLY beadvantageous.

Nov 20, 2014

Heather F.

Really? Do you people KNOW just how negative latex can be? And your knocking elmers glue?? Isn't it non toxic? As in " can be ingested and you will not die". Also, look at how many kind of people usage elmers glue sticks to cover their eyebrows through no irritation. Many lash glues and also lash glue removers are chemical cocktails that you absolutely cannot acquire in your eye and if you carry out it BURNS. Elmers more than likely wouldn't feel excellent however I doubt it would certainly be as bad as lash glue. Further even more its water soluble so all you would certainly need to do is wet the band also via a q reminder or somepoint and the lashes have to slide best off. You might then conveniently clean them through water and baby shampoo toreuse.

Feb 03, 2017

J'leesa B.

I have actually as soon as and it felt choose making use of regular eyelash glue, nothing occurred, it preserved my lashes on but everyone's various. I would recommfinish to try to just keep it out of youreyes.

May 04, 2017

Kyra H.

I have tried. Worked pretty great. But it doesn't have to be Elmer's glue. One time I was gaining my makeup done for a play and also my makeup artist ran out of glue/adhesive. Instead of buying more glue because we didn't have a lot time to spare, he had actually his assistant grab a small branch of leaves, damaged off the leaves and also provided the white sticky liquid that oozed out of it. Worked choose a cinjury, and also legit organic. He said he provided it all the moment as soon as he ran out of adhesive. So you deserve to most likely usage even more than simply Elmers glue and also adhesive, simply be certain you know what you'redoing.

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