Before the company released the Ionic and then the Versa, the Surge reigned as the ultimate Fitlittle bit wearable for fitness enthusiasts. It can screen notifications, had actually an incorporated GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and boasted weeklong battery life. Fitbit offered a boatload of them. In fact the company still sells the Surge and claims it is the “#1 marketing GPS watch in the US.”

If you own a Fitlittle Surge and also have actually worn it for any kind of length of time, you probably recognize its vital weakness: the band also. Yes, the band also is huge and also chunky, but civilization buy it learning that. What they might not realize is that — officially at least — if the band also is damaged, it’s not replaceable. Fitbit considers it an “all in one” device. And as soon as worn for a length of time in strenuous tasks (it is a fitness watch after all), the band also deserve to be damaged in multiple ways. It have the right to tear, and appears especially at risk to extending and coming loose wbelow it connects to the Surge. As a quick deal with for a Surge that’s no much longer under warranty, a dab or two of super glue might assist to stave off the end. However there’s a better solution.

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Third party providers have stepped in to offer Surge replacement bands. There are probably dozens of companies offering kits via digital retailers (the one I bought was made by TreasureMax and also expense Cdn $15.99 with Amazon). Kits come in a variety of sizes and colors, including some giving various shades than Fitlittle bit sells the Surge in. So this may be an opportunity to go via a different look. They additionally encompass the tools required for the task, although they might not include instructions on just how to actually conduct the repair (mine did not).

So far as technology repair work go, this one isn’t extremely challenging, although if you previously used glue as a fix, it does obtain a little even more complicated. And tbelow is one crucial action that is extremely straightforward to miss out on that will certainly considerably affect functionality if you aren’t careful. If your Fitlittle bit Surge is out of warranty and essentially unusable because the band also is falling off, you don’t have a entirety lot to lose. Here’s exactly how my Surge band also replacement went, utilizing that TreasureMax kit.

The Kit Contents

Here you deserve to watch everything that came with the kit I purchased: a T5 screwdriver, metal scraper, replacement screws and also the band also. Keep in mind the shade of the blue band carefully matches the Fitlittle original, as do the dimension and also the buckle.

The initially action is to remove the four screws attaching the band to the Surge. Wait — this thing has screws? Doesn’t that suppose it should be straightforward to swap out? Why is Fitlittle bit calling it an all-in-one tool then? Read on...

Save the Bluetooth Antenna

I circled the Bluetooth antenna, which should be very closely removed from the old band and mounted in... <+> the replacement.

Brad Moon

The Surge style has a few measures that make the band also somepoint that can’t ssuggest be swapped out at will certainly. In enhancement to the screws, tbelow is likewise some adhesive in the mix, along with locking plastic parts that assist hold the plastic collar of the band also in area. Once the screws are removed it can be a little of a tug of war to obtain the band also off, also one that is falling acomponent. Some cutting of the band also itself may be vital. But be mindful, bereason on the half of the band where the buckle is mounted, a thin Bluetooth antenna is stuck to the inside of the strap via adhesive. Keep in mind the place — that’s incredibly essential — and also use a thin, sharp instrument (the scraper included in my kit operated, but a knife blade need to likewise suffice) to closely rerelocate the antenna. If you damages the Bluetooth antenna, the Surge will not have the ability to wirelessly affix to your smartphone. Set the antenna aside.

Remove Extra Adhesive

Once the band also is rerelocated, you’re left via the Surge itself. On one side, you’ll view the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS antenna, mounted to the plastic. On the other side is a thin strip of gold — that’s the call for the Bluetooth antenna placed inside the band also. You’ll want to go to work-related and also remove any added adhesive, being cautious not to damage the GPS antenna. If you formerly glued the band in place (as I did), this is where the majority of extra job-related comes right into play. You’ll need to chisel amethod every one of the glue, plus any kind of remnants of the plastic band also sleeve that remain glued to the Surge itself. If you don’t gain it all, the brand-new band also sindicate won’t fit. In my situation, this was the longest part of the repair, taking a good 30 minutes.

Install the Replacement Band

Once the adhesive is rerelocated, place the Bluetooth antenna inside the buckle fifty percent of the replacement band also. Make certain you gain it in precisely the same place and orientation as before. Then push each fifty percent onto the Surge. They should slip over the edges of the watch, and also click right into area as those plastic locks interact. Then replace the four screws. At this suggest, confirm the watch is still functional, paying cshed attention to GPS and also specifically Bluetooth connectivity. If the Surge can’t attach to your smartphone, you may have to closely remove that half of the band and readjust the Bluetooth antenna position.

Depfinishing on how mindful you were with adhesive removal, your Fitbit Surge need to currently be cshed to brand-new looking. in reality, currently can be an excellent time to give the totality thing an excellent cleaning, including the heart rate sensor on the ago (it collects grime) How long the brand-new band also lasts is going to be a aspect of exactly how well made the replacement is, and also just how a lot the abusage the Surge is subjected to. But at leastern you gained some more life out of it. And, you recognize how to relocation the band aget, if necessary.

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