Tattooing over stretch marks isn’t as straightforward as it initially sounds, however tright here are several reasons why human being may pick to obtain tattooed over their very own stretch marks.

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Typically, it’s bereason of a wish to conceal them, or periodically it’s bereason the stretch marks are on a component of the body wbelow the perkid has actually ssuggest constantly wanted to get a tatalso, and they still want to get inked tbelow regardmuch less of their stretch marks.

Whatever your present situation is, we hope to define whatever you should know around acquiring tattoos over stretch marks, and also whether it will be feasible in your own personal scenarios.

Tattooing Over Stretch Marks: Is It Possible?

Although the question sounds like it must be reasonably clear-cut; acquiring tattooed overstretch marksdoes depfinish on fairly a few various factors.

While the definitive answer to the question will undoubtedly come down to your specific scenarios concerning your stretch marks (and also your tatalso artist’s expert opinion), we’ll still perform our ideal to make the instance as clear to you as feasible.

What you will should understand also initially is that, depending on the in its entirety severity and also dimension of the stretch marks, you will most likely need sufficient blocks of shade, depth, and also texture within the tattoo in order to sufficiently mask the stretch marks under the ink.

The finest means of looking at it is that your tattoo artist will certainly be trying to work-related via the stretch marks; not against them. They will certainly execute this by deploying a variety of methods that have the right to be used to blend the marks into the ink in order to make them ‘disappear’ as a lot as feasible. For this factor, it’s extremely crucial to let your artist recognize of your particular needs when booking your appointment.

Having an skilled artist who will make full use of shade, depth, and texture within their work-related will help to take the attention amethod from the stretch marks as a lot as possible, and instead, attract people’s eyes to the tattoo itself.


Due to the enormous variation in between every individual collection of stretch marks from perchild to perboy, tbelow are normally going to be a variety of factors for your artist to consider before they involved a conclusion regarding just how they think they have the right to finest tackle the project.

These components include:

Are The Stretch Marks Fully Healed?

If the stretch marks are brand-new and also still rather pronounced, they will certainly be much harder to work-related through, and your body will certainly still be working overtime to repair the skin as much as possible. These more recent stretch marks will also most likely be more sensitive while they’re being tattooed over.

Therefore, it’s constantly finest to obtain a tatas well over stretch marks as soon as they’ve had actually sufficient time to settles dvery own. You can tell they’re beginning to settle as soon as they start to change from red/purple to even more of a silvery-white color.

There are several assets that assist stretch marks to heal and fade. One of the most famous and recommended products isBio-Oil.

Are The Stretch Marks Raised?

Raised stretch marks are commonly harder to job-related with compared to scars that are fairly level to the surconfront. If your stretch marks are raised but are also fairly brand-new, it might simply be the situation that they haven’t had a possibility to settle down yet.

What Color Are The Stretch Marks?

As stated above, more recent stretch marks tfinish to be either red or purple, and these are going to be harder to mask within a tatas well. However, if you wait till these marks have begun to clear up dvery own and also turn pale, your artist will certainly have an simpler time blfinishing them right into the tattoo as they will certainly resemble a much more organic skin tone.

How Wide And Long Are The Stretch Marks?

The all at once size of the stretch marks plays a far-reaching factor as soon as evaluating how effective the tatas well have the right to be in trying to cover them up. The wider and much longer the stretch marks, the bigger the hazard that the tatalso may not be able to mask the appearance of them totally.

The size of the stretch marks will also dictate the dimension of your tatas well. You might want a tatas well of a specific shape or diameter, but if the stretch marks are bigger than the tatas well you want, you’ll most likely have to go for something bigger than initially planned, or accept that some of the stretch marks will certainly still be on display approximately the parameter of the tatas well.

Are More Stretch Marks Likely To Appear In The Same Area?

If the tattoo is going to be placed in a space wright here more groups of stretch marks are likely to show up, you have to be all set for the opportunity that the tattoo might become damaged. This damages might be minor or considerable depending on the dimension and also exact place of the emerging stretch marks.Getting a tattoo while pregnantwould certainly be an example of once points most likely wouldn’t go and you’d choose.

Losing weight deserve to likewise impact the visual appearance of a tatalso, as deserve to getting weight, and also placing on muscle.

Alengthy via the list over, an additional huge variable in deciding just how well your tattoo will certainly come out counts on the actual artist you choose to pick.

You must encertain you’re as diligent as possible when it concerns deciding who does your tattoo. You will certainly want to pick somebody extremely proficient, and also the even more work they have done via scars and stretch marks previously, the even more likely it will certainly be that they’ll be able to do a great project on your very own body.

Can Tattoos Make Large Stretch Marks Look Nicer?

Tattoos deserve to massively boost the appearance of stretch marks if done appropriately, and as long as every one of the components above loss in your favor.

As pointed out, if you can pick the perfect artist for your tattoo, they have to be able to carry out a great task at spanning up also the many complicated of stretch marks. You just should look at some of the tatalso work done on the scars of breast cancer survivors to watch just exactly how good some comprehensive marks have the right to be spanned up, also on some of the many difficult and awkward locations on the body.


Even if you have big clusters of stretch marks that can’t be completely spanned up by a tatalso, a great artist might still be able to produce something that at the exceptionally least is able to moderately mask the stretch marks rather, and take most of the attention away from them.

Will Getting Tattooed Over A Stretch MarkBe More Painful?

Normally, damaged skin is much more sensitive and painful as soon as compared to normal, healthy and balanced skin when it comes to tattooing. However, this isn’t to say that your tatas well is going to be excruciatingly unbearable, either.

However before, as formerly mentioned; the more recent the stretch marks are, the even more they are most likely to hurt. So if you’re able to wait till the marks have significantly healed, they will certainly hopecompletely hurt a lot much less than they will certainly have initially done.

Also, it’s necessary to understand that everybody’s pain thresholds are different, and what some people could take into consideration exceptionally painful, you can discover only mildly uncomfortable. For this reason, don’t be put off if you know somebody that has been tattooed over a stretch note and uncovered the experience a battle. It doesn’t intend that you will as well.

Besides – after your tatas well has actually lastly been completed, I deserve to virtually guarantee that you will instantly forobtain about the pain as soon as you’ve looked in the mirror and realized that you’ve currently gained a beautiful new item of ink that’s brilliantly masking your old stretch marks.

However before, if you are mostly terrified of thepotential pain, you could always attempt one of the many numbing creams currently easily accessible to buy.

For world wanting a little extra assistance for dealing with the pain, an excellent tatas well numbing cream have the right to really aid to take the edge off.

One of the most effectivetatas well numbing assets currently on the sector is Zensa Numbing Cream, which includes the highest possible level of Lidocaine enabled by the FDA for over-the-counter use.The feedago left by thousands of customers for this product is nothing brief of superior.

Just follow the instructions supplied through the cream and also use soon before your tatas well appointment is because of start so that you can look forward to a less painful and also even more comfortable tattooing experience. The amount of cream you gain in a tube also ensures you have actually more than enough for a big tattoo.

The Risks Of Tattooing Over Stretch Marks

Similar to all develops of tattooing, tright here are some potential perils connected as soon as acquiring inked over stretch marks.

Like with all tattoos, you must look after your new body art exceptionally very closely and make sure it remains clean to encertain it doesn’t become infected while it’s healing.

Many other risks relate to the appearance of the tatalso. It must be provided that stretch marks are a kind of scarring, and mostly,svehicle tissuewill organize ink in different ways to exactly how healthy and balanced skin would certainly underneath the surconfront.

There is a hazard that some areas of your tatas well may turn out less defined, and sometimes even more blurry than various other areas relying on exactly how thick the sauto tconcern is within the skin. Some locations of sauto tconcern may not also take organize of any ink the initially time around, leaving locations of patchiness and also fading. You can effort to solve some of these worries by gaining future touch-ups from your artist.

Of course, naturally, the larger and more pronounced your stretch marks are, the higher the hazard of the tatalso finishing up slightly much less perfect than you might have actually wiburned for. This also goes for tattoos over svehicle tissue, moles, freckles, birthmarks, and also cellulite, and so on.

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Hopetotally, by reading this article, you have the right to currently understand also why tattooing over stretch marks isn’t as clear-reduced as you might have actually initially thought. However, you must note that tright here are some truly magnificent artists out there anywhere the world that will certainly most likely be able to carry out great jobs with stretch marks.