Want to try somepoint new with your hair extensions? Offering a beautiful blend of dark-to-light tones, ombre hair is a hugely well-known style that’s perfect for achieving a heat, two-toned look. The finest news? It’s super simple to perform via your Foxy Locks hair extensions! As each of our clip in hair extensions and also clip in ponytails is made from premium-grade Remy huguy hair, they can be dyed, wamelted and styled simply as you would your herbal tresses.

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To display you precisely how to ombre hair extensions at residence for a salon-worthy complete, we’ve developed a simple overview and video tutorial for you to follow.

The Tools You’ll Need

To get ombre hair extensions at house, you will need:

Your Foxy Locks hair extensionsA home-dye kit (colour of your choice)A mixing bowlA medium-sized tint brushA combGlovesTip 1: Apply Dye to the Top Section of Your Extensions

The initially step for obtaining ombre hair extensions at house is to read your dye instructions carefully and mix the product together as instructed. Once you’ve combined your solution, squeeze it throughout the optimal fifty percent of your hair extensions, protecting against around the middle of the hair. Once you’ve dispersed it throughout the top area, you can dispense all your dye right into your mixing bowl to make it less complicated to access via the brush.

Tip 2: Brush the Dye Down Your Extensions

Next (making certain to put your gloves on initially to prevent stained hands!) dip your tint brush right into your dye and begin to brush it dvery own the length of your hair extensions, avoiding aobtain roughly the middle. Press your brush gently dvery own once brushing the dye in to make sure it’s really operated into the extensions. You’ll have to repeat the brushing procedure a few times to encertain the dye is well blfinished in order to attain an even finish. Don’t concern about a straight line–we’re coming to that step next.


Tip 3: Feather Out the Dye

Once your dye is evenly spread across the top of your hair extensions, the following step is to feather out the dye in order to stop a dreaded straight line and encertain a flawlessly blfinished end up. To carry out this, sindicate gently flick the brush down in vertical strokes in the direction of the bottom of the hair a couple of times until the line is blfinished out. Once you’ve finimelted, run your comb down the length of your hair extensions from the optimal to bottom. If you should add some even more dye to the top, simply pick up some even more product through your brush and also repeat the procedure.

Tip 4: Repeat on the Other Side

Once you’ve finimelted one side, sindicate turn your ombre hair extensions over and start on the other side. You may not need to use as a lot dye, as some will have seeped through from the initially side. Use your comb to brush it with aobtain and also repeat the exact same feathering process.


Step 5: Condition the Ends

Once you’ve finiburned adding the dye, brush conditioner with the ends of your hair extensions, as this will assist to prevent the dye from running to the ends once you wash it out.

Tip 6: Leave to Develop

Now, all you need to do is leave your ombre hair extensions to develop! Remember to check the instructions of your dye to gain the timings appropriate, as this can differ in between brands.

Tip 7: Wash the Dye Out

And finally, once your hair dye has actually totally arisen, it’s time to gently wash it out of your extensions with warm water, shampoo and also conditioner. Once all the dye is out of the hair and also the water runs clear, leave your hair extensions to dry naturally.

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And voila! You should be left through beautiful ombre hair extensions and also a whole brand-new look. Ombre hair extensions look good directly yet particularly exceptional in beachy waves, which you can develop making use of our 7-in-1 curling wand.

You have the right to watch this whole procedure from start to complete with our video tutorial on exactly how to ombre hair extensions at home. It really is as basic as it looks!

Now you know exactly how to perform ombre hair at residence, you can experiment via all your various Foxy Locks hair shades. However before, if you’re not confident sufficient to DIY simply yet or you desire to check out how the look suits you initially, at Foxy Locks, we have a vast range of ready-made ombre hair extensions for you to gain the look through. From honey spice and also vanilla latte to deep espresso, our ombre hair extensions are easily accessible in a number of stunning two-tone shades to choose from.