Finally, after months of , this month I observed a Clearblue smiley face on my ovulation kit! This was the cause for a lot excitement, as it might intend ovulation is finally right here.

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However, of course it’s not that easy.

For the first time this cycle, I have actually begun utilizing the brand-new Clearblue Dual Hormone Ovulation Testing Kit Indicator Signwrite-up Notice Help Stick. This new span dangled kit alleges to:

“Normally recognize 4 productive days, twice as many kind of as any kind of various other ovulation test, so rises your window of possibility to get pregnant.”

Sounds excellent right? DOUBLE THE CHANCES.

The means the kit works is slightly different from the normal ovulation kits I had been using (and also chose recently to stop using as a result of the constant disappointment). Rather than just measuring luteinising hormone (LH), these brand-new kits meacertain both oestrogen and LH:


So I need to suppose 2 days of flashy smiley confront, 2 days of stable smiley face, and then a As this was our last attempt through Clomid prior to the laparoscopy of doom, I figured these kits were worth a try.

However before, the brief excitement at my flashy, smiling, digital breakthrough was quickly complied with by cautionary analysis. Alas, certain clinical problems and also medications can offer misleading results. For instance, if:

you are pregnantyou are breastfeedingyou have got to the menopauseyou have actually impaired liver or kidney functionyou have polycystic ovarian syndromeyou are taking fertility drugs containing luteinising hormone or huguy Chorionic Gonadotrophinyou are taking antibiotics containing tetracyclinesSome fertility treatments such as clomiphene citrate might give misleading High Fertility outcomes (Peak Fertility result need to not be affected).

This last allude was of certain interemainder to me, as I’m now on 150mg of clomiphene citprice (Clomid). So basically, prior to I could really get excited I essential to wait for the Peak Fertility days, with a secure smiley face – no flashing.

And this must happen 2 days later on, right?


I am currently on day 4 of flashy smiley challenge, and I am start to acquire the same feeling as as soon as seeing the old …though slightly sweeter I mean.

I have actually had a little looessential on the internet, and also tbelow are others who’ve had a comparable problem (warning – forum abbreviation overload! OPK = ovulation prediction kit, as my best guess). It would certainly seem that these new kits are not as terrific as they make out to be.

One explaination is that the drugs are interferring. The other is that the kit is picking up the oestrogen surge early, which is why it’s lasting a couple of days. Some people on that forum are testing twice a day (££££!), and also seeing their steady smiley in the afternoon, so tright here is also a opportunity I might be lacking mine, passing directly on through and then measuring the high oestrogen in the days after the LH top.

No one knows.


I have actually a blood test following Tuesday to examine progesterone levels again. But I am also losing confidence in this strategy for trial and error ovulation, after speaking with a French gynaecologist yesterday who informed me they don’t execute this blood test in France, as a result of its unreliability. She recommfinished I acquire scanned eincredibly day approximately ovulation to monitor progress/catch the egg release.


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Tbelow are so many kind of viewpoints, and variables. It makes my clinical mind ache. Even with the many advanced technology, it feels choose 90% guess work. All we deserve to carry out is make love and hope.