Co-op gaming is a cool social gaming option that allows you to change a dull evening into an exciting gaming experience with your friends and family.

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Sitting on the same couch with your friends can greatly enrich the gaming experience, no matter what game you’re playing.

Battlefield 1 is one of those classic shooter games that lends itself to the multiplayer option, sharing the great experience with others.

This article explores if you can play Battlefield 1 with more than one player or not.

Can You Play Two-Player On Battlefield 1?


No, you can’t play two-player in Battlefield 1.

Here’s why.

There’s No Split-Screen Option On Battlefield 1


If you want to play Battlefield 1 with two players, you need to have the split-screen option.

This option allows you to cut the screen in half, each person having their own part of the screen and a separate game space to play in.

Games with the split-screen option usually allow three or four players to share the same screen by dividing it into rectangular sections.

However, the split-screen option isn’t available on Battlefield 1, which is the case for many online multiplayer games.

The only way you can play Battlefield 1 with others is through the online multiplayer mode.

The absence of the split-screen option in Battlefield 1 has different reasons.

In Battlefield 1, your position in the game is vital because your success very much depends on people not knowing where you are. However, with the split-screen, your opponent can easily see your place, rendering that part of the game meaningless.You need a big screen to see as much as possible. A split screen will limit your view and affect the quality of your gameplay. The maps are also huge because the game was originally designed for 64 player lobbies and not for multiple players in the split-screen.Battlefield 1 doesn’t have the local players’ option, so there’s no point in allowing for split-screen. Generally, the game was designed with a single-player mindset.Consoles aren’t strong enough to handle two versions or iterations of the game simultaneously, and Xbox doesn’t have enough power to render things twice.The good old split-screen mode is a dying option in the gaming world in general.

Since Battlefield 1 and its predecessors haven’t had this feature, it seems highly unlikely that the developer, DICE, will add the mode anytime soon.

That’s because such a feature needs design and implementation at the early stages of development, and it’s impossible to introduce it after the game launch or in later updates.

LAN Support


Another feature that allows you to play a game with others is the LAN mode.

A LAN party (local area network) enables players to get together and build a network of computers by connecting them through the LAN.

This way, you make a private connection of your own to play games with your friends.

This feature can be a great substitute for the split-screen mode when you want to enjoy the social aspect of gaming.

You can gather with your friends, each of them having their separate computers, and connect to one LAN network.

This option is available for both PC and console gaming.

However, for connecting consoles, you may need an online account, depending on the game.

Battlefield 1 is developed so that it talks with a server, which means you can only create a LAN if you can simulate a server that the games can talk to.

You can also rent a server for Battlefield 1 to have more control over your gaming experience.

Will The Split-Screen Come Back?


Not long ago, split-screen gaming was the staple of social gaming because it brought people together and allowed several players to play on the same screen.

Different kinds of games, even shooter games, allow you to share the unique gaming experience with others.

It started with Nintendo 64 and extended to Xbox and Halo, making others join the trend, including Gears of War and Call of Duty.

However, the split-screen option is losing its popularity and getting replaced by online gaming for different reasons.

Some of the most important reasons are technical and hardware related.

When you use the split-screen option, one image is rendered several times.

With today’s advanced graphics, these operations affect performance negatively.

If developers of a game insist on having the split-screen option, they will have to sacrifice other features.

For example, Call of Duty cuts the framerates in half to activate the split-screen mode.

While this solution is inevitable for technical reasons, it may not be well received by some consumers as they may not fully understand the technical reasons.

This way, the game may get a bad reputation for having a low-quality in the co-op mode.

Today’s games primarily center around features such as console gaming, 4k resolution, and higher frame rates.

These features aren’t compatible with the split-screen mode, and developers need to make a trade-off between them.

Then, we have the issue of money.

Online gaming has more cash flowing in for developers because they develop paid services for expansion packs and microtransactions.

What’s more, unlike the split-screen mode, every player has to buy their specific version of the game to play with their friends online.

Reducing the quality of images for technical reasons is another disadvantage that means less money from customers.

Although some big titles like Nintendo continue to offer the split-screen option, it doesn’t seem to come back to the gaming world, primarily due to the technical reasons mentioned.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform?


Cross-platform games allow you to play against online players regardless of their platforms.

Also known as cross-play games, these games offer more versatile options to players.

For example, if you play on Xbox and your friend plays on PS5, the game allows you to play against them with no limitations.

You could play on a PC with a keyboard and mouse while your friend plays on an Xbox console using controllers.

Some of the most famous cross-platform games include Call of Duty, Minecraft, Gears of War, and Apex Legends.

Battlefield 1 is also a cross-platform game, which means you can play against your competitors on PS4 and Xbox 1 on the same servers.

However, this game doesn’t support cross-play on Android and iOS.

This feature enables you to play the game regardless of the console.

That said, Battlefield 1 doesn’t have the cross-progress option.

It means you can’t save your progress from the PC on your Xbox.

Battlefield 1 Features


Battlefield 1 is an FPS game that shares some of the features and modes of its predecessors.

You can play it in a single-player mode or multiplayer mode.

You can play the single-player mode offline, but the multiplayer needs an internet connection to connect you with other players.

While the Battlefield 1 campaign is one of the best among all Battlefield versions, the single-player mode doesn’t hold a candle to the multiplayer mode.

The Battlefield 1 single-player mode comes with seven episodes and 20 missions for players to complete.

Each episode has a separate storyline and different characters.

Here are some of the best features of Battlefield 1.

Historical Aspects

One of the best strengths of Battlefield 1 is its historical accuracy, although you can see this precise portrayal in other parts of the franchise, too.

Centering on WWI, the game features many iconic weapons and armored vehicles used in that era.

What’s more, you can play some of the actual events that happened at that time, such as the Battle of Gallipoli in the “Runner” campaign.

Great Music

Battlefield 1 features original scores that help enhance the epic and grimy nature of WWI.

That’s why the game has been nominated and won many music awards for its outstanding achievement.

It greatly adds to the excitement and tension you feel in the game, making the experience even more realistic.

Incredible Gameplay

Although Battlefield 1 is the 14th game in the Battlefield franchise, it’s a completely different thing from others, bringing back the FPS in a brilliant way.

Although not comparable with the multiplayer mode, the single-player mode still gives you great gameplay by dividing the story into different chapters and taking you to different countries around the world.

It also has great character development, portraying real-life people like Lawrence of Arabia or Clyde Blackburn.

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The balanced mechanics and customizable classes are among the most crucial things that make Battlefield 1 one of the best games of the entire franchise.