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I"ve had my Surge for about 2 yrs and it is in pristine condition with the exception to the band. It has actually began to peel away from wright here among the screws are which is disappointing as there is nothing else wrong with it.Does market replacements bands or is a non actual band also recommended? I would certainly appreciate thoughts on a remedy.Cheers.Earl.
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The Surge band wasn"t designed to be replaceable as there are particular components built right into it. So you will not discover any kind of replacements easily accessible from fitlittle.However, world have actually worked out exactly how to rearea the band also and also you can acquire third party kits on the likes of eBay. They execute need some DIY abilities however there are videos to help via that on YouTube.You say you"ve had actually it for around 2 years. If you are in Europe then the warranty runs for 2 years so might you still be covered? A warranty claim would certainly be an less complicated route.
Best Answer Council members are a choose team of volunteers that share support understanding on the forums and advocate for the betterment of Fitlittle bit commodities and also services. Discover more
I seem to remember that tright here were some changes through the Australian warranty and also I"m not sure wright here we stand also. It might be worth contacting customer assistance simply in case:"ve discovered the live chat to job-related well

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As others have shown, you have the right to obtain replacement bands that are not as well tough to install, and occupational quite well. I replaced my band also with a KingAcc, from Amazon. As good as the original. I likewise recommfinish obtaining a case cover, which helps the bands last even longer
Hi Earl,Surprisingly, Fitlittle bit never readily available band also replacements, rather, if it breaks, they"ll replace the entire unit while spanned under warranty. The bandisreplaceable!