When you walk into Solitude for the initially time, there is a Nord being executed for helping Jarl Stormcloak escape.

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Is it feasible to conserve this man from being executed?

Perhaps even more importantly, is it useful to save him? (Or is he scripted to die?)



Not sure around Roggvir, the guards choose to kill him easily when interrupted. In Markath, though, the lady is able to be saved. Attack the guy also early and the guards assault you, too late and she dies. I shouted at the male and also the guards swarmed him, saving the woman.
Yes and no.

Yes, you can save him, yet its not valuable in any method or form. He is extremely weak, and also will certainly die in 1 hit. As quickly as you start attacking the guards, he will certainly attempt to run away, bring about various other royal guards in the city to take him down through 1 arrow.

If you perform manage to kill the 3 guards quick sufficient, then you can connect via him, yet there"s no dialog. All he claims is "hmm", "huh", "what perform you want (insert race)?" etc.


No, also if you killed the guards, the executioner, and also the captain, and Roggvir survives, in a couple of seconds, he will certainly die, also though no one assaulted him.



Looking at the scene Captain Aldis and also Ahtar will do whatever they can to kill Roggvir, yet Captain Aldis will certainly attempt to hit Rogvir first as soon as you interrupt the execution. So, you first should proccasion Captain Aldis from killing Roggvir by walking over the ledge in the bottom best of yx"s screenshot (this will certainly not cause the scene, enabling you to interrupt earlier) and simply hitting him, then hit Ahtar thereafter.

Then Roggvir will certainly be able to run amethod which gives you time to kill both Captain Aldis and Ahtar. Make sure you that you store both Captain Aldis and Ahtar in place or kill the one that goes for Roggvir. Combine a companion, potions, shouts and also other items in your strategy to be even more efficient.

Contrary to what yx writes, I have not checked out imperial guards kill him. Only Captain Aldis and also Ahtar where trying to chase and kill him, my companion regulated to slow-moving them down while I was complying with Rogvir and also he was kneeling on the stairs wright here I had actually to wait for Ahtar to actually come and kill him. This was of course not the ideal location as I obtained overwhelmed tright here, keeping the activity close to the execution place is the finest you can carry out in order to stay alive. It requires some practice though.

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Please note that you will obtain a 1000 gold bounty on your head for murder, given that he does nopoint helpful in rerotate it is not worth it to save him from getting executed. In the finish, you could even be killing two persons that could be even more valuable than the one you are trying to conserve...