I’ve been a long PlayStation fan, yet I never cared much about customising my avatar. In reality, I have actually only freshly taken a break from my games to customise the look of my profile. The standard line up of PSN avatars that Sony has is extremely limiting. Of course, you deserve to obtain even more, yet that implies you’ll need to buy some. In any occasion, I’ve newly found that it’s possible to erected a practice picture as a profile photo.

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I’m not saying that the PS4 is not a great console, it really is. But the major trouble through Sony is the user interface. They tend to overcomplicate things and treat essential features as easter eggs. Such is the case through altering the default PSN avatar. Despite being a dead-straightforward operation, transforming the PSN avatar is counter-intuitive. Even more, it cannot be done from a desktop computer computer, even though you have the right to do whatever else from the web variation of PSN.

To set points straight, below you have 2 different approaches of transforming the default PSN avatar. If you have the moment, I indicate going with Method 2 that supplies the PlayStation Companion application. It could take much longer, but it will allow you to set a custom photo (for free).

If you desire to change your PSN Avatar, follow among the guides below:

Method 1: Changing the PSN Avatar from Your PS4

This chore is generally done the extremely initially time you collection your PSN account. But if you were as excited as me, you most likely skipped with the whole process. If you desire to adjust the PSN Avatar directly from your PS4 console, follow the measures below:

Navigate to your PS4 dashboard. Once you’re in the primary food selection, usage the left thumbstick to highlight Profile and push the X button to pick it.
Once you’re in the Profile window, use the left thumbstick to highlight the three dot icon and also select it through the X button.From the newly showed up food selection, pick Edit Profile.
Now you will certainly be challenged through a list of customising choices. Navigate downwards and select Avatar via the X button.
Now we arrived on the selection part. You have the right to choose an avatar from a list of over 300 entries. Although they seem like a lot, in reality, that’s not the instance. You have the right to buy even more, yet they’re quite expensive. Highlight an avatar making use of the thumbstick and also press X to confirm your selection.You will certainly then obtain an additional confirmation window. Select Confirm to proceed.
 You have actually successfully managed to adjust your PSN avatar. You have the right to confirm by visiting your Profile home window.

If you weren’t able to find a perfect avatar, there’s still hope for you. Follow Method 2 to learn exactly how to use a custom picture as a PSN avatar.

Method 2: Using the Companion App to Set a Custom Picture

If you’re keen on establishing your very own practice image on PSN, the only method to do it is using the PlayStation Companion app. This will certainly require you to install an application from Google Play Store, yet it’s worth it. You deserve to use the companion application to readjust the Avatar and also the profile image, among various other points. Let’s get to it:

When you first open up the app, you’ll need to insert your credentials and also log in via your PSN account.After you manage to log in, tap on your profile picture (top-right corner).
From the freshly showed up drop-dvery own food selection, tap on Profile.
You will certainly be presented via a brand-new list of choices. Tap on Edit profile, then select Add Profile Picture from the drop-dvery own menu.
Note: You deserve to also adjust the Avatar by tapping on Change avatar. But if you add a profile image, it will automatically override the avatar. This implies that other users will certainly see the practice image instead of the avatar as soon as looking at your profile. However, when inside a game, the avatar will be featured instead of the profile image.Now you can either take a photo or select one from your gallery. After you decide o a picture, hit OK to confirm your selection.
That’s it, you have actually effectively reput your default avatar via a practice photo. Wait a while prior to you examine on your PS4 system bereason it takes some time for the changes to be updated.


Until Sony decides to make well-deserved UI transforms, we are stuck to these 2 approaches. If you want to set a custom picture in your profile, the only method to perform it is via the PlayStation app (Method 2). But if you’re in a rush, you deserve to quickly perform it directly from the console by following Method 1. If you uncovered this content useful, let us understand in the comment section below.

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By Kevin ArrowsJuly 13, 2021
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How to Change PSN Avatar from PS4 or Companion App

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