We have actually put together the ultimate overview for all you false eyelash lovers who wear glasses. Just bereason you must wear glasses doesn’t mean you can’t slay a pair of falsies. It all comes down to picking the appropriate style of false eyelashes for you. It’s a come misconception that all you spectacle wearing beauties can’t wear false eyelashes. Think around it realistically, why would certainly wearing glasses soptimal you from wearing lashes and also exploring with various makeup look? Here are our tips and also tricks on what kind of lashes to pick, exactly how you have to wear them and what not to perform when wearing falsies through your specs on.

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What kind of lashes need to I go for?

Depending on exactly how close your glasses sit to your face relies on this. If your glasses sit better down your nose, the longer the false eyelashes can be without them making undesirable call with the lenses. If you are new to wearing lashes, why not start out with wearing shorted lashes and occupational your way up? Our ‘Tease’ eyelashes, the perfect lash to start with (only £3.95 barobtain, we know). However, if you desire to go for much longer false eyelashes, pick a pair that are well curled and also the even more they stick forward the even more annoying call they will certainly make via your glasses.

Anvarious other means you deserve to get ameans via wearing much longer false eyelashes through specs is to opt for glasses that have actually larger frames. This enables you to have the ability to wear the glasses further dvery own your nose. This offers a better room to wear whatever before eyelash style you want! If you are fed up of your glasses and find they get in the way of your imagination, then why not try out wearing some call lenses? There is so many selections out tbelow and some you can ever wear right for a week!


First things initially, mascara.

It is exceptionally crucial to prep your real eyelashes before using any kind of falsies. This is because mascara will curl your lashes and also stop any type of remains from pointing out from under the false eyelashes. The mascara likewise helps as it is something the eyelash glue have the right to adhere to making sure your lashes last all day long!

Now the prep is done, let’s talk false eyelashes…

Make certain that your false eyelashes fit your eye correctly, we all have different eye forms so it is impossible to have a false eyelash that fits all! Begin by measuring the false eyelash agaist your eye, you will certainly be able to view where the falsie over hangs. Gran some tweezers or usage your finger to mark wright here the lash demands trimming. Holding the false eyelash, very closely trim the lash to size. Check the falsies versus your eyes again and if it requirements trimming better repeat the steps.

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Trick: Any excess false eyelash that has actually been trimmed off you deserve to get imaginative with. Why not attempt stacking these added bits on top? You have the right to produce more of a flared AKA cat eye look with this trick!


When applying the false eyelashes, use an eyelash applicator!

Such a straightforward little bit tool that provides certain a big difference. It makes the application process a breeze and also avoids gaining lash adhesive on your fingers!

Tip: When using the lash glue, make sure you leave the glue on the lash band for at least 30 secs prior to applying. This gives time for the glue to come tacky and also NOT wet. If the glue is still wet then possibilities are your falsies will certainly be slipping and sliding anywhere you don’t desire them to be!

We have actually a wide variety of different layouts and also products to make certain we have the right to enhance everyone’s lash needs!Luxury 3D Mink Lashes – deserve to be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked afterLuxury 3D Faux Mink Lashes – vegan and also deserve to be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked afterLuxury 3D Faux Mink Multi Packs – vegan, three pairs of lashes and also can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked afterSynthetic Lashes – vegan and deserve to be worn as much as 20 wears if looked after.For even more indevelopment on cleaning and caring for your lashes to maximum wear from them. Click here to watch our guide!

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If you have any kind of even more questions regarding our lashes please click below to see our FAQ. If your question has not been answered, please call us by means of email at info

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