My geeky excellent nature is forcing me to tell you, HAPPY TOWEL DAY! It’s May 25th which indicates it’s towel day! Gosh, Star Wars Day and Towel Day all in the very same month!

When I was a wee one, I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and also proceeded over the course of the next 100 years of my life to re-review it over and also over and also over aobtain bereason it was the epicenter of my geeky youthful life. Anytime I go on vacay, holiday, away for the weekend, to remain at a friend’s area, etc….I tend to tote my own towel around simply bereason of that blessed book….

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Granted, I wasn’t up for transferring around a towel to my office this day but I did tuck a washtowel in my bag just for the sake of celebrating Towel Day…ya understand, gotta recurrent.


So don’t panic, grab your towel, and by the way let me tell you around the mysteries of Bath and also Body Works Cherry Vanilla, the memo wasn’t sent out to me on this one!

When the Vanilla Collection was originally introduced 3 scents were developed, all equal and also both achoose in dignity and also all that stuff….within a week or two of the big release an additional fragrance, Apricot Vanilla was accessible yet elusive. After lastly finding it I simply freshly learned about Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla…


Um hello?

Did I miss the memo about this scent?

No one told me around it.

Wbelow did it come from? When did it release?

Yeah, well, I should be out of that loop!

You might be an outsider looking in also on this one however truth of the issue is tright here are 5 complete Vanilla Signature Scents, among which, Cherry Vanilla, I had actually never heard around until recently. Sadly, the Vanillas (confirmed) may just be disappearing come the semi-annual. The excellent news is Cherry Vanilla is available at 50% off retail.


I picked up the body mist freshly as I NEEDED to have actually a finish set of Vanillas…ya understand how it is via this stuff dontcha? I can’t be the just obsessive compulsive beauty junkie that requirements to have complete sets of stuff.

I love cherry anypoint so this scent was calling my name although on initial spritz I acquire alot of vanilla it dries dvery own to a little of fruity cherry also however for the most component the vanilla morphs the scent and the addition of other notes such as Peach, Dewberry, and White Amber drvery own out the tart, juiciness of the cherry.

Needless to say the scent isn’t straight cherries and vanilla yet it is an exciting blfinish that has a particular warmth to it and also a specific sensuality many thanks to the White Amber.


If you prefer creamy scents that are heat and comforting Cherry Vanilla might appeal.

Color me baffled I never before knew about it until last week!

Did you understand about Cherry Vanilla?

Tried it?

Share it!

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