Throwearlier to Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” track. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 downfill and check out the lyrics to the song produced by Vinylz, Childish Gambino & Ludwig Göransson.

Childish Gambino Redbone

“Redbone” is a song tape-recorded by Amerihave the right to rapper and also singer Childish Gambino, the stage name of Donald Glover. It was released on November 17, 2016, and also serves as the second single from his 3rd studio album “Awaken, My Love!” The song obtained three Grammy Award nomicountries including Record of the Year at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, eventually winning the award for Best Timeless R&B Performance.

Childish Gambino – Redbone (prod. Vinylz, Childish Gambino & Ludwig Göransson)


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DaylightI wake up feeling like you won’t play rightI supplied to know, yet currently that shit don’t feel rightIt made me put ameans my prideSo longYou made a nigga wait for some, so longYou make it tough for boy favor that to go onI’m wishing I could make this mine, oh

If you want it, yeahYou deserve to have actually it, oh, oh, ohIf you require it, oohWe have the right to make it, ohIf you want itYou can have actually it

But remain wokeNiggas creepin’They gon’ find youGon’ capture you sleepin’, oohNow continue to be wokeNiggas creepin’Now don’t you cshed your eyes

Too lateYou wanna make it best, but now it’s also lateMy peanut butter chocolate cake with Kool-AidI’m trying not to waste my time

If you desire it, ohYou have the right to have it, you deserve to have itIf you need it, you much better think in somethingWe deserve to make it, ohIf you want itYou deserve to have actually it, ah

But stay woke (Stay woke)Niggas creepin’ (They be creepin’)They gon’ discover you (They gon’ discover you)Gon’ catch you sleepin’ (Gon’ capture you sleepin’, put your hands up currently, baby)Ooh, now continue to be wokeNiggas creepin’Now, don’t you close your eyesBut stay woke (Ooh)Niggas creepin’ (They gon’ find you)They gon’ discover youGon’ catch you sleepin’, ooh (Gon’ capture you, gon’ catch you)Now remain wokeNiggas creepin’Now, don’t you cshed your eyes

How’d it acquire so scandalous?Oh, how’d it get so scandalous?Oh, oh, baby you, how’d it getHow’d it get so scandalous?How’d it gain so scandalous?But remain wokeBut remain woke