Score: 4.6/5 (73 votes) LOS ANGELES—One of the nice surprises of Rob Marshall"s “Into the Woods” is not that Chris Pine sings, but he sings rather well. Playing Cinderella"s vain Prince, Chris shows he"s got real singing talent, especially in “Agony,” a funny, intentionally over-the-top duet with Billy Magnussen, Rapunzel"s Prince.

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Do the actors in Into the Woods actually sing?

The “Into the Woods” cast falls across the spectrum of vocal experience. There are non-singers such as Emily Blunt, who plays the Baker"s Wife, and Depp, who took a critical drubbing (unfairly, I thought) for his performance as Todd and who"s back here as the Wolf.

Did Emily Blunt sing in Into the Woods?

Emily Blunt has a stunning singing voice, but her husband John Krasinski apparently had no knowledge of her vocal chops until a few years ago, when she was filming the 2014 movie musical Into the Woods. ... When he told the director, Rob Marshall, he"d never heard his wife sing, Marshall was shocked.

Does James Corden sing in Into the Woods?

Yeah, you sing all the time. Rob was very, very clear about that. Some songs are like 50-50 as to whether they"re sung live on the set.

Does Billy Magnussen really sing in Into the Woods?

No. Not really. Singing is like talking, just with a lot of air in it.

Does Emily Blunt do her own singing in Mary Poppins?

Emily Blunt revealed which former co-star talked her out of pursuing a singing career on Tuesday"s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. ... The actress has never released an album, though has sung in the musical films Into the Woods and Mary Poppins Returns.

Who sings the most in Into the Woods?

1. Anna Kendrick. We"ve known Anna Kendrick can sing, but this isn"t the range that we"re used to hearing from her. Kendrick stretches her soprano muscles in Into the Woods and does not disappoint.

Who is the protagonist in Into the Woods?

The Baker is the protagonist of the film, Into the Woods. He is one of the few characters in the film who are not based on fairy tale characters.

"Prologue: So Happy" - Narrator and Company."Agony" (reprise) - Cinderella"s Prince and Rapunzel"s Prince."Lament" - Witch."Any Moment" - Cinderella"s Prince and Baker"s Wife."Moments in the Woods" - Baker"s Wife."Your Fault" - Baker, Jack, Little Red Ridinghood, Witch, Cinderella."Last Midnight" - Witch.

Who are Emily Blunt's parents?

Blunt was born on February 23, 1983, in Roehampton, South West London, England, the second of four children in the family of Joanna Mackie, a former actress and teacher, and Oliver Simon Peter Blunt, a barrister.

Is Emily Blunt in Sing 2?

Emily Blunt as Tabitha, a female mountain gorilla who is Johnny"s girlfriend. Zac Efron as Henry, a charming and handsome elephant who is Meena"s ex-boyfriend and later turns out to work for Mike. He was welcomed and shares a hug with Meena. Phyllis Smith as Betty, a female pig who is Gunter"s girlfriend.

Are they lip syncing in Into the Woods?

Yes, I know, intellectually, it was recorded in advance (it becomes a Les Misérables-esque PR event if a production ever goes full-blown “live”), but it can be distracting to essentially watch a bunch of actors lip-sync for 2+ hours.

Did Glenn Close sing in Into the Woods?

Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress Glenn Close will provide the voice of The Giant for the Public Theater"s upcoming production of Into the Woods at Shakespeare in the Park. ... In Into the Woods, a witch"s curse condemns the Baker and his Wife to a life without children.

What is the message of Into the Woods?

Between the varied characters found in the story, common themes of life, love and loss emerged. Fidelity and revenge are additionally explored, particularly in the show"s second act. These scenes appeared rather sultry, and some scenes in the performance are violent.

What's the moral of Into the Woods?

Keep your focus on good things, good people and don"t be misled by distractions all around you. Be careful and don"t talk to strangers. Because Good isn"t Nice! Some people may seem like they are good, but that does not mean they are also nice.

What happens to Rapunzel in Into the Woods?

Original Into The Woods When Rapunzel refuses, the Witch angrily cuts off Rapunzel"s hair and banishes her to a desert. ... As the Giantess leaves to search for Jack, Rapunzel runs into her path and is trampled, to the horror of the Witch and her Prince ("Witch"s Lament").

What is the hardest song to sing in Into the Woods?

“Your Fault” This five person patter song is one of the most difficult in the musical.

Why can't the baker and his wife have a child?

The Baker and his Wife wish for a child, but they soon find out that because of a family curse they can"t have any children until they find multiple things for the witch that cursed them in the first place. ... They wish for a child and are sent by an evil witch on the scavenger hunt.

Why did the witch curse the baker's family?

The Baker and his Wife learn that the Witch next door, a humpbacked crone with long gnarled fingers, has placed a curse on them to prevent their having a child. She explains that the Baker"s father had stolen various vegetables from her garden many years ago to satisfy his wife"s insatiable desire for greens.

Why did the witch lose her powers in Into the Woods?

But after the Baker"s father stole her magic beans, she was cursed and turned into a hideous witch. As revenge, she takes the family"s newborn daughter to raise as her own, naming her Rapunzel. ... The Witch then discovers she has lost her magic powers.

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What character destroys the kingdom in Into the Woods?

Second Pinch Point: At Cinderella and Prince Charming"s wedding, everything starts to go wrong when the Giantess attacks and destroys the kingdom.