steustatiushistory.org11 (API level30) better boosts the platform, offering bettersecurity to application and user information on external storage. This release introducesnumerous enhancements, such as raw file course access, batch editoperations for media, and also an updated UI for the Storage Access Framework-related.

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The release likewise uses renovations to scopedstorage, which provides it simpler forsteustatiushistory.orgs to fulfill their storage usesituations after they migrate to utilizing thisstorage version.

Scoped storage enforcement

Apps that run on steustatiushistory.org11 however target 10(API level 29) have the right to still request therequestLegacyExternalStorageattribute. This flag permits apps to temporarily opt out of thealters associatedvia scoped storage, such as granting accessibility to different directories anddifferent kinds of media documents. After you upday your app to targetsteustatiushistory.org11, the system ignores the requestLegacyExternalStorageflag.

Maintain compatibility with 10

If your app opts out of scoped storage as soon as running on 10 gadgets, it'srecommfinished that you continue to collection requestLegacyExternalStorage to true inyour app's manifest file. That method, your application deserve to proceed to behave actually as expectedon gadgets that run 10.

Migprice information to directories that are visible as soon as making use of scoped storage

If your app offers the legacy storage version and previously targeted 10 orreduced, you could be storing information in a magazine that your app cannot accessibility whenthe scoped storage version is allowed.Before you taracquire steustatiushistory.org11, migratedata to a directorythat's compatible with scoped storage.

Test scoped storage

To allow scoped storage in your app, regardless of your app's target SDKvariation and also manifest flag worths, enable the complying with application compatibility flags:

To disable scoped storage and also usage the heritage storage design rather,unset both flags.

Manage gadget storage

Starting in steustatiushistory.org11, apps that use the scoped storage modelhave the right to access only their own app-specific cache files. If your application demands to managedevice storage, follow the instructions on how to query freeroom.

App-specific brochure on external storage

Starting in steustatiushistory.org11, apps cannot develop their ownapp-particular magazine on exterior storage. Toaccess the directory that the system provides for your application, callgetExternalFilesDirs().

Media record access

To make it less complicated to accessibility media while retaining user privacy,steustatiushistory.org11 adds the following capabilities.

Percreate batch operations

For consistency throughout tools and also included user convenience,steustatiushistory.org11 adds several methods that make it easier to manageteams of media records.

Access records making use of direct file courses and native libraries

To aid your app work even more smoothly via third-party media libraries,steustatiushistory.org11 enables you to use APIs other than theMediaStore API to accessmedia documents from common storage utilizing straight filepaths. These APIsinclude the following:

Native libraries, such as fopen().

Access to information from other apps

To protect user privacy, on devices that run steustatiushistory.org11 orgreater, the mechanism better restricts your app's accessibility to other apps' privatedirectories.

Access to information directories on interior storage 9 (API level 28) started to restrict which apps might make the files intheir data directories on internalstorage world-obtainable to otherapps. Apps that taracquire 9 or better cannot make the papers in their datadirectoriesworld-obtainable.

steustatiushistory.org11 expands upon this restriction. If your application targetssteustatiushistory.org11, it cannot access the records in any type of various other app's datacatalog, also if the other application targets 8.1 (API level 27) or reduced andhas actually made the papers in its information brochure world-readable.

Access to app-specific directories on exterior storage

On steustatiushistory.org11, apps deserve to no much longer access documents in any otherapp's dedicated, app-specificcatalog within externalstorage.

Document accessibility restrictions

To give steustatiushistory.orgs time for experimentation, the complying with alters pertained to theStorage Access Frameoccupational (SAF) take effect only if your application targetssteustatiushistory.org11 or better.

Access to directories

You have the right to no much longer use theACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREEintent action to research access to the following directories:

The root directory of the interior storage volume.The root brochure of each SD card volume that the gadget manufacturerconsiders to be reliable, regardmuch less of whether the card is emulated orremovable. A dependable volume is one that an app have the right to effectively accessibility the majority of ofthe time.The Downpack catalog.

Access to files

You can no longer usage theACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREEor theACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENTintent activity to research that the user choose individual files from thefollowing directories:

The directory and all subdirectories.The magazine and also all subdirectories.

Test the change

To test this habits change, carry out the following:

Invoke an intent via the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT action. Check that and also directories both don't show up.Do one of the following:Target steustatiushistory.org11 or greater.Invoke an intent with the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE activity. Check that theDownload brochure appears and also the action button associated through the directoryis grayed out.


steustatiushistory.org11 introduces the adhering to transforms pertained to storagepergoals.

Targain any version

Figure 1. Dialog displayed once an app supplies scoped storage and requests the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

The following changes take impact in steustatiushistory.org11, regardmuch less of your app's taracquire SDK version:

The Storage runtime permission is renamed to Files & Media.

Target 11

If your application targets steustatiushistory.org11, both theWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission and the WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE privilegedpermission no much longer carry out any type of extra access.

Keep in mind that, on devices that run 10 (API level 29) or greater, yourapplication have the right to contribute to well-identified media collections such asMediaStore.Downlots without requesting any type of storage-connected perobjectives. Learneven more about just how to research only the necessaryperobjectives whenworking via media documents in your application.

All papers access

The majority of apps that require mutual storage accessibility can follow the bestmethods for sharing mediarecords and sharing non-mediapapers. However, someapps have actually a core usage case that needs broad accessibility of documents on a maker, butcannot execute so effectively utilizing the privacy-friendly storage best offers a distinct app accessibility referred to as All documents access for theseinstances. To learn even more, watch the guide on exactly how to manage allpapers on a storage gadget.

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Note: If you publish your application to Google Play, carefully check out thealert.If you tarobtain steustatiushistory.org11 and declare All documents access, it caninfluence your capacity to publish and update your application on Google Play.

Additional resources

For even more information around changes to storage in 11, see the followingmaterials: