Want to try some brand-new sports and also imaginative experiences? Take advantage of your vacation to learn trapeze, juggling, and percussion abilities. Wbelow have the right to you learn these new skills? Which approaches are best? Follow the tips of experts at Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil during your vacation.

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The flying trapeze: fly from one bar to one more or from a bar to a catcher at a elevation of 7 meters.

Vertical dance: raised 3 meters off the ground by a rope, bounce horizontally on a vast vertical canvas.

Bungee trapeze: pulled by elastic ropes, bounce in the air and also attempt to capture a trapeze.

Air gymnastics: turn and also execute positions in the air through fabric, a smooth rope, and also a solved trapeze or hoop.

The trampoline: learn how to jump and speak in place.

Bungee games: kids bounce ago and also forth along an acrobatics course while attached to bungee ropes.

Stilt walking: start via 30-cm-high stilts.

The unicycle: keep your balance on one wheel while holding a rope.

Juggling: balls, rings, clubs, a diabolo, or adversary sticks.

Coloring cardboard masks (for children).

Makeup workshop.

Percussion tools.

Body percussion dance.

These Resorts come equipped with the perfect infrastructure for your circus performances.

Punta Cana: Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil initially took up residence in this Dominideserve to Republic Resort in 2015. Enjoy 3,000 m² of open-air space through your children, 7 days a week. The vivid, bideal blue area reflects the color of the Caribbean Sea simply a few feet away. With a see over the water and also stunts on the ground or in the air, your senses will certainly whirl among the adjacent coconut trees.

Opio: The circus skills area, open 6/7 days per week, was started in July 2017. Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil covers an area of 2,300 m², indistinguishable to 4 tennis courts. Immerse yourself in this big blue space situated listed below the Provencal village and decorated in tones of red, green, and also oselection. Bring out your artistic side while surrounded by lavender fields and olive trees.

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