Where to find the desert, snowy, and grassland race tracks in Fortnite for the Seakid 9 Week 5 challenge


In the latest lot of challenges, among the more curious ones is to complete a lap of a desert, snowy, and grassland also race track. The Fortnite desert, snowy, and also grassland also race tracks are scattered throughout the map and also while completing a lap isn"t also hard, you need to actually recognize wright here to find the race tracks initially. We"ve covered all of the Fortnite Battle Pass difficulties so much in Fortnite Seachild 9, but if you require help particularly completing this one and finding the Fortnite desert, snowy, and grassland also race tracks then read on, and also take a look at the complete map at the bottom of the guide.

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Fortnite Desert Race Track

The Fortnite desert race track is the simplest one out of the three, bereason it"s the expensive race track on the eastern shore. It"s been a staple component of the Fortnite map from the very beginning, when it was when a dirt track prior to being converted into a appropriate race track. Complete a lap right here then head to the south-west.

The Fortnite snowy race track is uncovered close to Happy Hamlet, a couple of steps north-west. It runs approximately the small hill, so finish a lap below in either one of the Ballers provided or an additional automobile, then head north.

Finally the Fortnite grassland race track is best at the peak of the map, eastern of Junk Junction. There"s driftboards here for you to complete the lap with however either means, it"s not a lengthy course so you must have the ability to complete it in no time at all. When you cross the 3rd end up line, the obstacle have to be complete! Check out the complete map below for all 3 areas.

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