Vault Dwellers might discover that if they log off while doing the tasks concerned this search the questwill no longer be in the log. If this occurs, listen to the "Top of the World" radio terminal to recause the pursuits.

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"The Missing Link" search is the parent pursuit to the complying with quests:Signal Strength, Flavors of Mayhem,andKey to the Past. In order to complete "The Missing Link" you should have actually completed these other pursuits initially.
In "The Missing Link" you are tasked with following Madigan"s trail to findout what she has actually been in search of.
For details, and also to watch the actual actions to finish this search, click the "Reveal Spoilers" button listed below.
Follow Madigan"s trail.Complete Rose"s pursuits to get her trust.Retrieve the Upattach.Go to the Free States Bunker.
For a thorough, step-by-action walkthrough of this search, click the "Reveal Spoilers" switch below.WARNING: This will certainly expose integral spoilers for this quest. Click at your own danger.
You will should reach the "Top of the World" place in the facility of the map.As you method the "Top of the World" you"ll obtain a signal for the Top of the WorldRadio Station and also a miscellaneous pursuit.Listen to this for a bit to pick up the "Signal Strength" quest.Once you reach the height, you"ll reach Rose that will certainly ask you to complete 3 pursuits before she will aid you.
In order to find out what Rose knows about Madigan"s search, she will certainly need your steustatiushistory.org via something else.Note: You have to complete every one of Rose"s various other pursuits to progression beyond this objective.Once you have completed the 3 pursuits for Rose and also constructed "Rose"s Signal Repeater", she"ll allow you to up the elevator to the third floor wbelow you will certainly find the area where Madigan"s trail ended.
After you finish Rose"s quests, grab the "Broken Uplink" from inside the Raider"s Cache.Fast-Travel to "Sunnypeak Ski Lanes" or the "Palace of the Winding Path" and begin making your means eastern to the "Free States Bunker" (i.e. Abbie"s Bunker).

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Make your way to the Mire in the northeast edge of Appalachia to locate "Abbie"s Bunker".Once at the door to "Abbie"s Bunker",hack the terminal beside the door and head on in.
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