Watch Jose Aldo vs. Pedro Munhoz complete fight video highlights from their UFC 265 showdown above, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

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Lewis vs. Gane took location Aug. 7 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Jose Alexecute (30-7) and Pedro Munhoz (19-6, 1 no-contest) collided in the UFC 265 co-main occasion. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-check out. Capture even more video highlights below.

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For even more on Alexecute vs. Munhoz, examine out live blog from MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Both men in orthodox with Alperform in his traditional stance and also Munhoz through a high guard. Munhoz through many leg kicks early on and Alperform regulating the selection early., sticking a jab out tright here and then rips a combo to the body.

Munhoz through a high work-related price early but he’s not landing clean. Aldo’s defense is great but not a ton coming ago from the King of Rio. Big body shot from Alperform and he’s making a allude of those. Alexecute is checking eincredibly leg kick and then cracking the body.

BIG KNEE from Alexecute as Munhoz steps in but Munhoz is dirt road tough and also comes earlier with more. Munhoz starting to really press forward and also he’s eating some counters now yet he’s likewise landing the jab a bit. Aldo’s defense is so damn good though. Catching him clean is very difficult.

Aldo founding to occupational his jab a little more yet he’s really sitting down on uppercuts and also knees as Munhoz measures in and ducks. Munhoz loading up on shots a little and also that’s making it simpler for Munhoz to defend. Seriously, Munhoz has actually thrvery own a lot this round and also landed prefer three great shots. Aldo meanwhile rips the body aobtain and also Munhoz is eventually going to have to drop his hands to defend himself.

Now Aldo goes high with a appropriate hand also and also it lands however Munhoz counters. Then a Mortal Kombat style upperreduced from Alperform lands but Munhoz lands back ideal prior to the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Aldo.

Round 2

Alperform landed by much the cleaner shots in round one however Munhoz threw a ton and the judges tonight have been questionable. Could have actually gone either way under those scenarios.

The second round starts much the same with Munhoz really coming out aggressive and Alperform being Alperform. Now Alperform is starting to get that jab going however Munhoz is functioning in even more combination. Adjustments from both males.

Alexecute looking to sit dvery own on his counters even more and really attempt to hurt Munhoz but it’s the jab that is acquiring it done ideal currently. Munhoz is doing this weird thing wbelow he throws huge spinning strikes or high kicks that have no chance of success rather of going through jabs and combos that are starting to land.

Alperform now landing a pair leg kicks to go through his jab which is really making its existence recognized. Munhoz founding to really push and also that’s mirroring on his challenge as the jab continues to land also. Aldo’s footwork stays some of the finest in the sport. Pivoting about Munhoz prefer a ballerina.

Munhoz really starting to run himself onto strikes now. He’s landing some but really his shots are glancing at best and he’s eating some clean counters. The commentary team seems to think this is closer than it is yet the deals with tell the tale. Alperform is simply an extra technological fighter.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Aldo, 20-18 Alperform in its entirety.

Round 3

Alperform starts the 3rd through a large combo and then a knee. He clearly desires to make a statement this round and also Munhoz clinches him as an outcome. They break and also Aldo is once aget going to work-related through the jab. Munhoz keeps pressing forward however he’s running headlong into Aldo’s offense. Furthermore, Munhoz’s offense has actually really slowed down a ton this round.

Alexecute has actually constructed a large lead this round and also Munhoz appears a little lost in just how to assault Alcarry out. He can’t discover a way with the layers and also currently Aldo is beginning to open up on his very own offense. Big combo from Aldo and then a huge led kick transforms Munhoz roughly. With two minutes left, Munhoz requirements somepoint big below.

Leg kick from Alcarry out drops Munhoz. He hasn’t thrown many but they’ve all landed with authority. Munhoz ago up but he’s obtaining chewed up in tright here, bleeding from the left eyebrow currently. Alcarry out looks fresh as a daisy. He’s seeing every little thing in tright here and also really finding a rhythm. This is vintage Jose Alperform.

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Wow. Jose Alexecute just collection his personal finest for considerable strikes landed in a fight, despite the reality that he has actually fought a number of five-rounders. That need to show you what is happening right here, and also stop to Aldo’s greatness.

Munhoz is now little bit even more than a target dummy out there currently as his offense has actually all however ceased and Alexecute puts an exclamation mark on things via a savage combo to end it.