(a) the capability to just task one"s abilities in the lack of actual success (b) the ability to alleviate the dependence of team members on each other (c) the capability to induce the team members to focus on individual goals quite than collective objectives (d) the capacity to affect a team towards the success of a vision or set of goals

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(a) All managers are leaders. (b) Formal legal rights encertain excellent leadership. (c) A formal appointment is essential in creating leaders. (d) Nonsanctioned leadership is as vital as a formal influence.
(a) One-directional affect from the leader to the folreduced (b) Coercive power and also authority (c) Lack of freedom (d) Covisibility of leaders and also managers

(a) the one-of-a-kind partnership that leaders create through a small team of their followers (b) the personal characteristics and features that identify leaders from non-leaders (c) the method the leader renders decisions (d) the degree to which followers are willing and also able to achieve a certain task
(a) separating attributes of an effective leader (b) distinctions in between an effective and also an inefficient leader (c) the success of a leader (d) the development of a leader
(a) personality variables (b) leader"s abilities to inspire and also transform followers (c) situational variables (d) values and also ethics
(a) Attribution concept (b) Trait theories (c) Charismatic leadership concept (d) Path-goal theory
Which of the adhering to theoretical ideologies in the study of management focuses on followers" readiness as a determinant of effective leadership?
(a) Big Five personality design (b) Situational management theory (c) Fiedler contingency version (d) Laissez-faire management
According to the situational leadership theory, if employees are unwilling and also unable, the correct management style in this instance would be ________.
According to the situational leadership concept, a follower with the preferred capability and also willingness is likely to be ________.

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(a) doing not have in the area of impetus (b) deficient in the specific skills required (c) comfortable in his ability to do the project well (d) highly professional in relevant areas yet low on endure