Cortez is the leader of the Aztecs and Pizzaro is the leader of a Spanish Conquistador who led an exploration that overcame the Inca Empire.

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A canceled US Treasury examine for the purchase of Alaska is an instance of which of the following? Which cause does Ballou support

Which of the complying with finest defines the connection between the employers and also the employees in the text?

In the at an early stage 19th century, Western colonial growth arisen at the very same time as an evangelical revival – the Second Great Awakening – throughout the English-speaking civilization, causing more abroad missionary task. The nineteenth century came to be recognized as the Great Century of modern spiritual objectives.

Beginning with the English missionary Robert Morrison in 1807, countless Protestant males, their wives and kids, and also unmarried female missionaries would live and also work-related in China in a prolonged enrespond to between Chinese and also Western society. Most missionaries represented and were supported by Protestant institutions or denominations in their house nations. They gone into China at a time of flourishing power by the British East India Company, however were initially restricted from living and traveling in China other than for the restricted area of the Thirteen Factories in Canton, now recognized as Guangzhou, and also Macau. In the 1842 treaty finishing the First Opium War missionaries were granted the best to live and job-related in five coastal cities. In 1860, the treaties finishing the 2nd Opium War through the French and British opened up the whole nation to missionary activity.

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Protestant missionary task exploded during the following few years. From 50 missionaries in China in 1860, the number prospered to 2,500 (counting wives and children) in 1900. 1,400 of the missionaries were British, 1,000 were Americans, and also 100 were from continental Europe, largely Scandinathrough.<1> Protestant missionary activity peaked in the 1920s and thereafter decreased as a result of war and unrest in China. By 1953, all Protestant missionaries had actually been expelled by the communist government of China.