Considering a move to Hawaii? It’s beautiful right here, surrounded by vast ocean, pristine weather and affluent culture, but paradise comes at a price – a cost so high, in truth, that it have the right to be a deterrent for many kind of folks.Here is every little thing you should know about the cost of living in Hawaii, in addition to firsthand stories and opinions from local individuals and also family members.

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In order to live comfortably in Hawaii, somestudiesshow that you’ll need a whopping salary of over $122,000. (Of course, criteria of living vary according to each person and also it all counts on your level of “comfort.”) The Living Wage Calculator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) states that one adult in Honolulu requirements to make $16.59 per hour for a living wage. If that is a pair with 2 children, each adult requirements to make $17.70 per hour.


According to Payrange, the average salary in the island"s resources, Honolulu,is $66,000,yet the state has actually one of the highest possible income taxes prices in the country, with its optimal tier at 11 percent. According tothe Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average U.S.salary, as of the third quarter in 2020, is $51,688 ($994 weekly). In one more analysis in January 2021, the average salary in Hawaii varieties from approximately$33,965per year for Customer Service Representative to$96,620per year for Travel Nurse.

But for many kind of civilization, Honolulu’s appealing characteristics counter the possibly reduced wperiods and also high price of living.


Renting in Hawaii is much even more expensive than the majority of places on the mainland also – and it all relies on location. For example, a studio on Oahu have the right to array from $1000 to more than $1,600 per month and that’s not consisting of utilities, which have the right to be approximately $150 per month for one person. A one-bedroom apartment or home have the right to variety from about $1500 to more than $2000 per month and a two-bedroom apartment or a house will begin at $1,800 per month. Looking at a luxurious,new one-bedroom condo? Expect to fork out at least $3,000 a month.

You deserve to always opt to live external of Honolulu’s center or evenconsider the various other Hawaiian Islands– the Big Island’s Hilo is almost 49 to 56 percent lower than Honolulu, plus uses a laidearlier and also relaxing small-tvery own vibe that might be appealing than the hustle and also bustle of the city.

If you’re looking to buy, the median sales price of a single-family members house is $870,000 – a brand-new document high, as of December 2020. The median sales price for a conperform on Oahu is $455,000. In spite of the high prices though, Oahu continues to view a growth in home and condo sales.

Additionally, buying a item of land and also structure your own house could be even more affordable, but that relies on area and your basic contractor.You have the right to uncover the average costs linked through structure your very own house in Hawaii in this blog post.


When it pertains to utilities, Hawaii’s inhabitants pay the a lot of as soon as it comes to monthly power bills in the country. According to the U.S. Energy Indevelopment Administration, you can mean to obtain the energy bill at an average of $168.13 per month. That’s $50.48 even more expensive than the national average of $117.65.

Despite the high cost of power, the sunlight shines in Hawaii at a price of 8% more than other states, producing an chance for cost efficient solar power. In reality, Hawaii was the initially state to set a deadline for generating 100% of its electrical energy from renewable sources by 2045.


Let’s say you carry out pick to live exterior of the busy Honolulu or downtown location – you’ll then must think about the expense of owning and also driving a vehicle. Gas prices as of January 2021 is about $3.16 per gallon in Honolulu. Taking the bus or, in Oahu, TheBus, may be a more affordable method of transportation, at $2.75 per ticket, although it may not be an appealing daily commute of alternative.

If you job-related in downtown Honolulu or Waikiki, you’ll many likely must rent a parking spot in the instance your agency doesn’t carry out one. Parking arrays commonly from $100 to $200. Those who live in a condo may likewise must rent a stall at about the very same price, although it relies on association rules.

If you live in Kapolei or on the ‘Ewa side of Oahu, you could be able to take the Honolulu Rail Transit to occupational. However before, there have been many type of delays through its construction; read more here.

Groceries and Dining Out

and also locally grvery own coffee. But Hawaii is the a lot of expensive location to buy groceries in the country, especially because products are shipped from the mainland also. According to a2020 Quarter 3 report by the Missouri Economic Research and Indevelopment Center, Hawaii’s groceries are very steep. The study used a national index of 100 and also Hawaii ranked at 196.3, while comparatively The golden state ranked at 138.5, Washington at 111.3 and also Oregon at 134.6.

For example, a gallon of whole milk on Oahu deserve to be $8.99 – the cheapest at Costco for roughly $5.50 a gallon. Broccoli is at $3.79 a pound, bulk carrots at $3.49 a pound. And yes, while buying regional is motivated, the price of Hawaii grvery own mangos are at about $6.99 a pound. Four rolls of toilet paper will certainly be about $6.

Eating out will include up quickly. The average price of breakfast in Hawaii is $8 to $12, lunch at about $8 to $15 and dinner will price $15 to $30 (or more). There’s a vast price variety though, so many kind of people will buy a plate lunch (white rice, mac salad, and meat entrée prefer loco moco or teriyaki beef) and save it for lunch and dinner, or separation the entire plate in half with a frifinish.


Ready for some good news? Hawaii’s average property taxation rate is 0.35 percent, one of the lowest rates in the country. Income taxes prices range from 1.4 percent to 11 percent.

For retirees, Hawaii can be reasonably appealing as the state exempts Social Security retirement benefits and public pension income from state taxes. It fully taxes earnings from personal pensions and retirement savings accounts.

According to a study by Republic Fund, Hawaii residents who get involved in employer-funded health and wellness coverage plans pay some of the nation’s lowest prices. Generally, insurance in Hawaii is offered through 2 primary companies: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. or the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA). The potential price according to this research to employees in Hawaii is around 36 percent of the national average at $4,664 (8 percent of median income) versus a nationwide price of $7,240 in the country (12 percent of median income). Hawaii had the lowest employee prices for single coverage in the country in 2017 at $675, which was less than half of the nationwide average of $1,415.

More good news: Hawaii is likewise the healthiest state in the country and also has been called healthiest nine times given that 1990. Low obesity and also cigarette smoking prices deserve to be added to low levels of air air pollution, much less psychological stress and anxiety and an excellent number of easily accessible major care medical professionals.

An example of a budacquire for a household of 4 living in a Single Family Home:

Mortgage - $2,900 per month Groceries - $800 to $1,000 per month Electricity - $190 per month Transportation - $380 per month Dining out - $500 per month Property Taxes - $2,350 per year

The numbers above are based on the adhering to conditions:

You have actually 1 Wall surface AC Unit that you use sparingly. You have 2 gas cars. Shop at Costco, Foodland, and/or Safemethod. You dine out when to twice a week at a fairly priced restaurant. You live fairly close to where you occupational.

Ways to Save

Shop at Costco. If you or your household is in there army, shop at NEX. Costco uses the cheapest gas in Hawaii. Electric vehicles (EVs) have actually become famous in Hawaii. Incentives are offered for EV owners including cost-free street parking and also HOV Lane usage. Solar Panels - Hawaiian Electric Company offers several programs to customers to conserve huge on power.

So, why the high cost?

The high cost of living in Hawaii has actually many kind of reasons, but the brief answer is the reality that we’re surrounded by water. Nbeforehand whatever we consume has to be shipped below or flvery own. Hawaii is additionally a desirable area for the affluent to buy residential or commercial property, which proceeds to drive up housing expenses. Anvarious other significant factor: energy bills such as electrical energy is skies high, many thanks to the warm climate. Like via many type of things in life, there is certainly a trade-off.

Is it worth it? Here’s what locals are saying…

“Mainland also home prices are tempting, especially when we watch prices climbing here in Hawaii every year. But for me, Hawaii is home. It feels prefer family. I make it job-related by living in a conperform rather of a house. I shop in bulk at Costco instead of various other grocery stores because Costco has some of the cheapest grocery prices here. I additionally keep an eye out on sales…it’s just exactly how points are,” states L.M.

“I’ve offered thshould relocating to the mainland also wbelow the cost of living is so a lot lower, however it’s difficult to imagine relocating and also having actually to start all over. My roots are in Hawaii, and also my family is here. I make it occupational by living via my parental fees, which conserves a huge amount of money I would certainly usually spend on rent,” states C.O.

“The price of living in Honolulu is hard. My wife and I have actually talked about moving to the mainland also yet eincredibly time we have this conversation, we both just can’t imagine relocating. Even though it deserve to be hard to make ends fulfill, we make it work-related. We buy in mass and my wife watches our two kids at home, conserving on daytreatment. She additionally functions from house and also eextremely bit of earnings helps. We look for sales in stores choose Costco and Tarobtain, and buy secondhand toys off Facebook Marketarea or E-bay. We don’t eat out much, we cook every day and also store a pretty strict budacquire eexceptionally month,” says K.K.

“I moved to Los Angeles around six years earlier for a brand-new project and also that wasn’t too much various from Hawaii in regards to cost of living. This year, I’m in Minnesota. There’s no tax on garments or food and a four-bedroom home sells for $200,000. It’s simply choose that old saying – it’s simply the price of living in paradise. I was simply available a high-paying job in the summer, yet also though it was a great salary, I would certainly have to relocate earlier right into an apartment and also cut down substantially on my typical of living,” says J.G.

“I relocated to San Francisco around 5 years ago. I’ve run right into the majority of world from Hawaii out right here and also every one of us have similar stories. We’ve come for jobs, school or avenues. Aside from the real estate which is on par through Hawaii, living prices are cheaper. Jobs pay much better and also there’s more of them. And while we no longer live in paradise, I deserve to now afford to visit whenever I desire. I perform miss out on Hawaii a lot, however ideal now it doesn’t make sense to relocate earlier,” states J.D.

Hawaii vs. Other Places

Living in Hawaii vs. California


Living in Hawaii vs. New York City


Living in Hawaii vs. Colorado


Living in Hawaii vs. Washington


Living in Hawaii vs. Alaska



While the over calculations provide a rough estimate of living in these areas and also exclude the price of health and wellness insurance and also prices, we can concerned a couple of conclusions:

Hawaii has actually among the lowest percentages of residential or commercial property taxes in the country. The cost of food is high in Hawaii compared to other locations. Some locations, prefer California and also New York, have actually better expenses in the location of transportation. Parking fees are exorbitant in New York if you very own a car, yet this could be eliminated by using their great public transport device. In Honolulu, you carry out not have to pay additional for garbage or recycling services, unfavor the majority of areas. It is more expensive to live in some areas, choose Seattle, Manhattan, San Francisco, and San Diego than in Honolulu; yet, all of these areas also have actually a higher average revenue.

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While the cost of living in Hawaii might be daunting at initially, it needs a little of heart looking and cshed look at your way of living. If you’re used to a details standard of living, you may need to make a couple of sacrifices once moving to Hawaii. But, it may not seem like a sacrifice to nix that high-end vehicle or to eat out less, specifically if living close to the ocean, enjoying a warmth climate and also healthy and balanced island environment are important to you. It’s all about balancing your worths and also finding out what works for you and your family.