List the actions in allocating costs to operating departmental income statements, via the initially to action on optimal.

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1. Accumulate straight costs by department 2. Alsituate instraight expenses throughout department 3. Allocate business department expenses to operating departments 4. Prepare departmental earnings statements
A _____________ facility is evaluated based on regulate of expenses so a performance report is prepared rather of an revenue statement.
- assign price and prices to the supervisors responsible for managing them - evaluate manager"s performance
A manufacturing department has $1,800,000 invested in assets and also earned earnings of $720,000. The company"s hurdle (target) price is 8%. The division"s residual earnings is $______________.
1. Financial:2. Customer: Why do our customers think of us? 3. Internal Processes 4. Innovation and Learning:
Consider a manager of a production department of a manufacturing company. Determine if the following expenses would be considered controlled by the manager.
A price that a manager has the power to identify or at least significantly influence is referred to as a(n) ____________ price.

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A retail keep has 10,000 sq ft of space and incurs rent costs of $5,000 per month. If Departmental A supplies 20,000 sq ft of area, the amount of rent alsituated to the department will be $__________________.
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