*I got Covergirl’s NEW Super Sizer Fibers Mascara & Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner free from Influenster for trial and error & reviewing purposes. I did not obtain compensation for this post and also all opinions are 100% my own. *


As a longtime recipient of Influenster Voxboxes, I am delighted that SuperSizerFibers Voxbox is initially (of hopefully many)to be reviewed on my blog! One of my absolute favorite items to receive in the mail is makeup, so you can imagine my excitement when the SuperSizerFibers Voxbox confirmed up at my door.

After trial and error both the mascara and eyeliner on multiple occasions, below are my thoughts…

First, let’s talk eyeliner!

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner: I received this eyeliner in shade 210 espresso. Brvery own eyeliner isn’t exactly my cup of tea, however I was willing to offer it a shot. What I initially noticed about this eyeliner is the soft pencil. However before, the softness may have actually been component of the factor why I had actually so much trouble applying it. Despite all my initiatives, I might not obtain an excellent application. I traced over my waterline numerous times to attempt to obtain the color to transport on, but I didn’t have any success. I’m not sure if I would certainly have had a better application with a darker shade or if this eyeliner solely glides on much better on peak eyelids, however whatever the reason…I’m not as well impressed.

Since I had actually so much trouble through applying the eyeliner, I wasn’t able to acquire any photos wearing it. However before, here’s a photo to gain an principle of what the shade looks favor.


Personally, I would not purchase this eyeliner.

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It did not occupational for me whatsoever, yet others might have better results. I’d give the eyeliner a 2 /5