This Cruella De Vil Halloween Costume and the dog catcher Horace make a great couple for your next Halloween party.

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Because we have actually come to be empty nesters we have started a new heritage. We dress up for Halloween. When we had kids at home I was too busy making and helping via costumes for my children to ever before also think around dressing up myself.

When Halloween arrived last year and I discovered myself with no youngsters at residence and no costumes to make (although I still did aid a couple of the college youngsters put together costumes through points from Goodwill) I made a decision it would be fun if Jim and I dressed up. We had a Halloween party to go to afterall.

You may remember we looked pretty darn cute as sweet and also sugary Mary Poppins and the handsome Bert!!


My wig and also gloves were ordered off of Amazon and I made my Dalmatian coat the morning before the party!


Horace the Dog Catcher

Horace the Dog Catcher aka Jim’s costume was pulled from his closet about an hour before the party started. I additionally asked him not to conserve for a couple of days before the party and then I darkened his stubble via some babsence makeup.


I did buy his hat and his net from Goodwill – 99 cents each. So that is really a fishing net not a dog catching net but we had a little dog! The dog was pulled from our box of stuffed pets in the garage. I am glad that Cali went via a dalmatian phase so we had actually one on hand!!

We had actually an excellent time at the party in our Cruella De Vil halloween costume and Horace and also I have actually determined we should have started dressing up years back. Halloween is a lot even more fun as soon as you dress up!

So to bring on this famed couple layout we have actually going, that should we be following year? Taking suggestions in the comment area.

Happy Halloween!

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I loved your unique and also creative costumes and had to add you to my round-up, “87 Creative Halloween Couples Costumes” ( Thanks for being awesome and Happy Halloween from The Dating Divas xox

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