With an Apostille you can validate a file so you can use it outside of Puerto Rico or the United States.

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Certificates from the Demographic RegistryDate of issue: dated 2011 onwards or, if not, you deserve to add the Certificate to your order via us:Official federal government documentsPrivate documentsDiplomasEtc.

An Apostille is a federal government certification that is included to legalize a file so that it have the right to be valid abroad. In the instance of Puerto Rico, if you are going to use the record in the United States, you do not require the Apostille.

If for instance, you have actually a Birth Certificate from Puerto Rico that you are going to use in another nation, let"s say in Mexico, you will certainly need to include an Apostille to it. That is to say, in order for the Certificate to be valid outside of Puerto Rico or the United States, the Apostille is required.

If you no still have the document to be apostilled, then you should initially include it to your order if it is a Demographic Registry Certificate.

If it is a different document that we have the right to acquire, such as a judgment from a Puerto Rico court, then you have to additionally add a Certified Copy to your order.

If you already have the document you should apostille, simply place your order by clicking on "Add to Cart" above. After payment, you will automatically view on the screen the postal address wright here you need to sfinish the record to be apostilled.

If it is a Certificate of Demographic Registry, and also it is currently in your hands, it is necessary that the document is from the last 5 (5) years.

If it is any other document, inspect first at the top of this web page to see if it is on the list of papers that deserve to be applied to the Apostille. If in doubt, you can send us a message by means of our contact web page.

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If even after reading the indevelopment on this web page, you still have actually any type of questions, you can visit our FAQ section. You have the right to additionally send us a message with our contact form.


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