The Office: 10 of Michael’s Best Misquotes, Ranked As the boss of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Michael Scott wants to seem smarter than he is. He muddles his words and phrases many times on The Office.

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Michael Scott is such an iconic character for many kind of factors. Not just was he a man-kid who did incorrect things in the workplace, but he spoke in a means that made him look unpurposely ridiculous. It was never before Michael’s intention to quote phrases incorrectly; he simply wanted to be a part of the conversation.

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For the sake of The Office, Michael’s misquotes came to be a large part of his character. He always wanted to be in-the-understand and simply as smart as someone like Jim. To be reminded of 10 of some Michael"s best verbal gaffes, save reading.

In an attempt to be even more relatable and also likable in the office, Michael decides to hold his own roast. He developed a stage in the warehome where he would certainly sit and have actually everyone say rude — but true — points around him. In Michael"s mind, roasts come from a loving location but it"s not until the roast happens that he realizes he can"t take the criticism.

When Jim went up on stage, he described a few words and also phrases that Michael claims that he does not understand. Jim asks, "Remember "spider face?" The quote was "cut off your nose to spider confront."" Michael didn"t catch on however the expression is actually "reduced off your nose to spite your challenge."

9 "There"s No Rest For The Sick."

After Dwight startles the office with a fake fire, Stanley drops to the floor after suffering a heart attack. When he recovers and also comes earlier to work, Michael throws a CPR training course. The instructor asks for volunteers and Michael says Stanley.

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Phyllis does not think it"s a good idea bereason Stanley demands to remainder. "There"s no rest for the sick," Michael states as he"s encouraging Stanley to stand up and get involved. However before, what Michael really expected was "There"s no rest for the wicked."

8 "I Spent The Afternoon In The Park Trying To Feed The Pigeons. I Guess They All Flew West For The Winter."

To further Jim"s suggest about the undeliberately silly things Michael states, after the roast he fled the scene to clear his mind. The office felt prefer they were too tough on him and wanted to apologize.

When Michael eventually came back to the office, Pam asked wbelow he went. "I spent the afternoon in the park trying to feed the pigeons. I guess they all flew west for the winter." Not just execute pigeons generally continue to be in the very same area throughout the year however it"s geese that fly south for the winter.

7 "My God, My Mind Is Going A Mile An Hour."

In the episode "Whistleblower," Michael is stressed out as soon as he realizes it was someone at the Scranton branch that leaked an unfavorable story around Sabre to the press. He goes on a mission to uncover out that it was yet as usual, finds himself in a predicament.

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While in his office stressed out, he tells Pam his "mind is going a mile an hour," instead of "a mile a minute." To patronize Michael, Pam sarcastically says "That rapid."

It was an interesting time for Jim and Pam fans as soon as they discovered out she was pregnant. It was such a shocking element to their story, particularly since they weren"t married yet (which was a big deal for Pam"s family).

When Pam was ultimately prepared to go into labor, she held out as long as she might at the office because she was scared. After moaning in pain, Michael jumps from his desk and also states "Contraption! She"s contraping!" instead of contractions and contracting. 

5 "You Kcurrently What The Say: Fool Me Once, Strike One. But Fool Me Twice, Strike Three."

Michael does not realize that Dwight is his finest friend. It seems like one of those things he"s embarrassed by bereason Dwight is so eccentric. But at the end of the day, no one is more dedicated to Michael and also Dunder Mifflin than Dwight Schrute. This is why it was so hurtful once Dwight went behind his ago and also tried to take his job.

In are afraid of shedding his project, Michael became wary of Dwight when Andy found a New York toll ticket in Dwight"s car. He thought he was being smart by saying "Fool me when, strike one. But fool me twice, strike 3." But the actual saying is "Fool me as soon as, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

In the episode "Casual Friday," Michael, Pam and also Ryan are coming earlier to Dunder Mifflin after leaving the Michael Scott Paper Company kind of. The trio felt renewed coming ago to Dunder Mifflin and also Michael was on a mission to have his peers respect him again. He made Pam and Ryan salespeople (before demoting Ryan) and played with clients among the sales staff. But as soon as the various other salesmen got mad at Michael for favoring Pam and Ryan, Michael said that he was "not to be truffled through," instead of trifled through.

3 "Oh, You"re Still Here... I Have Your Baguette."

After Michael breaks up via Jan and also Holly, he goes with a long slump of loneliness. His luck changes when he meets Donna, the manager of a local bar and restaurant. Donna is plainly extremely into Michael and also the two set up a meeting at Dunder Mifflin to talk around printers. But as soon as Donna leaves the office, Michael looks for eextremely excusage in the book to run down to the parking lot and also watch her. He finds the barrette that she had in her hair and also runs down to the parking lot to discover her still in her auto. "Oh, you"re still below... I have you baguette," he states while passing her the barrette.

When Michael and also Jan invited Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela to sign up with them for a dinner party, things went above and also beyond awkward. Michael and also Jan were not in a good place and made their guests uncomfortable with their petty fights.

After opening a bottle of wine, Michael sniffs and also sips his red wine, thinking of the right descriptor for the taste. The expression that concerned mind? “Oaky afterbirth.” A sentence that’s not even pointed out in the shipment rooms.

1 "I"m Not Superstitious But I"m A Little Stitious.”

After Michael hits Meredith via his auto, he believes there"s a curse in the office. He took responsibility for hitting his employee however he additionally wanted to shine the spotlight on an unanticipated curse.

During a talking head, Michael claims to the electronic camera, "Oh, I am taking complete duty. And it"s up to me to remove this curse that hit Meredith through my auto. I"m not superstitious however I"m a little stitious." His sincerity is almost authentic till the last component.

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