From her hit songs to her beef via Tammy, one of #LHHATL’s newest actors members is stealing the display. Many type of human being believe that Betty Idol is transgender yet they are mistaken. Betty Idol’s BFF D. Smith has been transitioning from man to womale for the previous few years.

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D. Smith is the Grammy Award-winning producer featured on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. VH1 explains that she is best friends via Betty Idol. The photo listed below shows him her prior to the transition:
D. Smith Before Transitioning

In the adhering to Instagram post she explains that she was a male due to her attempt to meet society.
A lot of world loved the perboy on the left however, this perchild was put together with bits and also pieces of what culture wanted. This person was so much gone in satisfying everyone else, that one began to loose touch via one’s true authentic self. That perboy use to be me! I’ve judged civilization for being who they were. I was angry and also insecure. I dated beautiful girls. When I say beautiful, I expect BEAUTIFUL girls that I cheated on with males bereason I couldn’t fight my deep feelings for them. Afrhelp of loosing or disappointing my family and also friends, I lived a destructive lie. I’ve hurt so many type of people because of this. My career. OMG my career! 🙊 The church, going to the gym, offering music, the money and also many importantly, my life. I can loose it all. To be hocolony, I’m ashamed of the perkid I use to be. To think, I’m not the just one via this story… Hello, I am D. Smith. That sexy, fearless and also last yet not leastern, genius 😉 womale on the right is me! I am officially 1year and 6 months into my change. With that being sassist, for the initially time in my life I am hocolony. Not only to myself, however to the civilization about me. I have actually nopoint to hide, which leaves me no alternative however to live totally free. Now I don’t need to worry about hiding in the shadows of a lie and also feeling that horrible feeling when I hurt someone that I truly treatment around. This message isn’t an attempt for acceptance and also to be fairly frank via you MF’s, I don’t offer a fuck! Lol. I created this because I am no longer hiding! I am a PROUD Trans Woman!!!!!💃🏽 #transisbeautiful #love #me #trans #brand-new #beforeandafter #2016 #God #blessed #pride #girlslikeus #fashion #lgbt #power #all #beautifulworld #us #now #fashion #face #music #happy #finally
A photo posted by D.Smith (
truedsmith) on Mar 14, 2016 at 8:26pm PDT
Publimelted May 8, 2016

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