Robertkid, that initially revealed that she had actually an eating disorder in 2017, additionally common just how her belief in God assisted her gain through it.

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Sadie Robertkid and also Mark Ballas on "Dancing via the Stars" in 2014.Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
When Sadie Robertchild completed on "Dancing With the Stars" in 2014, she said she functioned out and also danced "24/7" — so normally her body looked exceptionally fit. But after she finished filming the show, her figure began to adjust, and civilization felt entitcaused discuss her various appearance.

The "Duck Dynasty" star, 23, opened up around this difficult duration of her life in a current interview with "Entertainment Tonight."

"During "Dancing With the Stars" ... I had this body that I never believed I"d have. I had a six-load for two weeks, however then Thanksproviding hit and also it went amethod. People started to comment," she sassist, including that she was gaining it from household, friends and also fans on social media.

Actress Sadie Robertboy visits Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" on February 26, 2020 in Calif.Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

"They were such innocent comments at initially, choose, whatever was good," she ongoing. "But whenever my body began looking a little various, that"s as soon as the struggle came in. Tbelow were civilization in my life that were just really negative impacts, that would certainly say things that were not uplifting about the means that I looked and how I needed to keep the body that I had. It was so wrong. I was insecure at the time, so I believed them and believed, "Oh, I have to press it.""

When Robertson showed up on the fact dance show, she was 17 and also pursuing a modeling career, which motivated even more comments around her body, she said.

"People would say things choose, "Oh, if you lost 10 even more pounds, you would look favor a real model." I was literally 115 pounds and already unhealthy and balanced. That simply messed my mind up," she redubbed.

This inevitably resulted in "a really unhealthy view" of her body, Robertson, who gained married last year, told ET.

"You can"t soptimal reasoning about your body, just how you look, how you should eat," she defined. "You"re counting the calories, you"re sizing up your legs and all those various things. You"re simply type of totally gripped by it, and that"s kind of wright here I was. I would look at myself in the mirror and also I would certainly think, "I"m fat," and also I was not at all."

"You do not realize (at the time) that the things you"re struggling via, you think it"s just around you, yet actually it affects the majority of various other human being approximately you," she added.

Robertchild first revealed that she struggled through an eating disorder in a candid blog write-up ago in 2017. She told ET that her faith aided her conquer it.

"I pretty a lot simply took the word as it was from the Holy bible. It talks around just how you"re beautifully and also wondertotally developed," Robertboy remembered. "I started pelevating God and also thanking him for the way that I looked, rather of looking in the mirror and also saying, "Ugh, I wish my arms were thinner, I wish my legs were more toned, I wish I had actually her eyebrows." ... whatever before it was that I would tell myself.


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"Instead I would tell myself, "I am so thankful that I have this. I"m so thankful that my legs actually serve the function that they have to and that they"re able to run, that my arms are able to lug points. That my stomach at some point, hopetotally, will have the ability to lug a baby." Just what we"re actually designed and also produced for."

"It absolutely made me stop reasoning about myself as a lot," she shelp. "It allowed me to be able to think of others, and also how I can serve them with the body I"ve been offered."

Robertson"s belief in God likewise guided her when her life changed "dramatically" after being on "Dancing With the Stars," as soon as 20 million world watched her eexceptionally week.

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"I started struggling with most indefense of that I was bereason of a lot of civilization telling me who I am and not really feeling prefer that was me," she said. "I remember reasoning these thoughts, favor, "I don"t know how to be that well known girl that everybody loves and adheres to on Instagram." I remember praying and also saying, "God, I think you decided the wrong perkid. This provides me nervous. This provides me insecure. This is not something I"m flourishing in."


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"I just felt choose God was saying, "I"m not calling you to be this perfect person. I"m actually simply calling you to be a sister and also a friend to those that don’t have actually a sister and a friend,"" she continued. "I have the right to be confident because I was developed on objective for a function."

"All of a sudden I was so empowered to do everything that I"m doing now," she mutual. "That"s simply my story, yet male, that"s why my confidence is so essential to me."

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