I bought Dark Souls 3 Day One Edition, and also saw that it came with Dark Souls "full game". I"m asking from anyone that knows for particular that this DS3 Day One Edition comes via the Artorias of the Abyss expansion. I desire to buy the DLC, but am uncertain if I already have it in the game that came with DS3.

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I can confirm that Day One Edition comes with Dark Souls 3 game and the soundtrack. It does NOT include

Dark Souls 3 DLCThe first Dark Souls game, its DLC, or its soundtrack

I think you might have actually mischeck out an advertisement or were misled by the seller.


If you carry out indeed have the Day One Edition, then you do not have any DLC apart from possibly the stuff consisted of via the Day One Edition choose the soundtrack. If you desire the DLC for DS3, you"ll have to buy them separately or get The Fire Fades Edition (which is fundamentally the GOTY variation via all the DLC). I"m not certain around the "Artorias of the Abyss expansion". I"m not overly savvy via DS myself.


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