So ends the anticipated second seaboy of Darker than Black, at 12 episodes. The series was really great, though it wasn’t what I had initially assumed it would certainly be (beforehand promotional art/summaries made it seem favor Hei and Yin would certainly be the main protagonists). And favor the first seakid, I’m having actually some trouble figuring out the ending…

I felt episode 12 ended exceptionally abruptly, but maybe that’s just because I didn’t understand everything. I’m really negative with following politics-hefty anime, wright here you need to keep track of different factions, who’s part of which faction, what the many kind of acronyms stand for, what each faction’s goal is, etc,.

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I think I at least interpreted the conflict including the new characters, Shion and Suou. Shion’s major goal was to usage his contractor copy capability to the fullest and, with the help of the Doll and also ME Equipment, create an man-made Planet. His father was helping him, and also the factor they faked their deaths was in order for Suou to go off on her own and check out if her man-made memories would last. In the finish, as soon as Izanami kills Suou and also July, Shion supplies the last of his powers to transport them to his artificial Earth, where they can live as normal human beings without any type of memory of their previous life.


The primary point I don’t understand in Darker than Babsence 2 is the problem with Hei and Yin. In the initially seaboy, Yin was a Doll, however all of a sudden, in the second seaboy, she’s dubbed “Izanami” and also has actually this power to kill home builders. I’m not clear why/just how she was killing building contractors, what taken place in between her and also Hei, whether she component of Shion’s arrangement, and also who/what Izanagi was (Apparently tright here are upcoming DVD-just episodes that might define some of these things).


I likewise don’t understand what that Yin lookalike in the coffin was.

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As much as a conclusion for the series, as I stated above, we know what happens to Suou and also July, and Misaki’s group seems to be proceeding their job-related (is Mao now their partner?) But in last scene, we see Hei, delivering Yin (I think), walking off into the distance. Seems Hei is still incredibly much alive, however as for what he and also Yin are going to do from right here on is left as much as our interpretation…or possibly a 3rd season?

Even though some of it left me a bit confused, I thoabout delighted in Darker than Black’s second seachild. Like the initially seakid it had actually excellent computer animation, suspenseful action, solid personalities, and also an complex, sci-fi-laden plot. If anybody deserve to aid me out through my over concerns around the series, I’d appreciate it =)

Credit for screencaps goes to Random Curiosity.

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Akura says:

Awesome evaluation Yumeka!!! I’ve watched the season finale as well and I agree that it finished fairly soon. Now we’re all left via even more concerns than answers. I mean, did Hei REALLY kill Yin? (Hopefully NO) Who’s the Yin-look-a-like? and also What taken place to Hazuki?=The initially question really MUST be answered ‘coz the majority of fans are perplexed w/ HOW that deserve to even take place. Did Hei acquire his powers back and also provided it versus Yin?=The second question is fairly the enigma since supposedly Yin (boy version) has actually the capacity to rip the spectre (souls) of normal people favor Mr. Smith.=The 3rd question is a personal one given that I’m also a fan of Hazuki-kun… seeing as just how Genma obtained what was coming to him, I can just assume that she can make an appearance on the next season…=As for Suou, her finishing is bittersweet ‘coz she obtained the normal life she deserved but shed the man she loved. But at leastern July is happy (finally)…:)=Overall, the DTB 2 ending is begging for a Seaboy 3… since the upcoming OVA would certainly only display exactly how Hei and also Yin lived and also gained separated… HeiXYin forever!!!