Darksiders 3 Guide: How To Beat Gluttony The Gluttony boss fight in Darksiders 3 is a tricky one, however with this handy guide players will be able to take down this vicious Sin through ease.

Darksiders 3 Gluttony Boss Fight
The Gluttony boss fight in Darksiders 3 is just one of the tougher ones in the game, and as such it"s one that players will certainly likely come across later in their Darksiders 3 playthrough. Indeed, also though the Horsemale Fury claims in-game that the fight against Gluttony is one of the most basic of the lot, this member of the Salso Deadly Sins might be one that players uncover even more tough.

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Reaching Gluttony in the initially location is itself a challenge, via players having actually to compete through underwater sections that, although some of the the majority of graphically superior of the game, have the right to take some acquiring use to and a great understanding of the basics of the Hollow mechanism. Therefore, some can want a quick refresher of some Darksiders 3 gameplay ideas and also tips prior to they dive deep to go after Gluttony.

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Once there, Gluttony offers a trick that some of the others of the Salso Deadly Sins have currently tried and also failed. Attempting to tempt Fury with a table complete of delicious-looking food, the Horseman sees through the facade reasonably easily, breaking the illusion just in time to prevent a terrible assault from Gluttony"s gigantic create. After a quick battle of words, the fight then truly begins.

Darksiders 3 Gluttony Boss
Gluttony is enormous, has actually a large range of strikes, and also hits incredibly hard. In his initially develop, the Sin can fire ranged mortar shots that do a significant amount of damage, straight projectile waves, as well as wide, sweeping strikes that Fury will certainly desire to stop. Above this, Gluttony additionally lashes out via his arms, and rarest of all will certainly try to suck Fury right into his cavernous maw - a fate that is definitely the worst of the bunch, and also that calls for some major jumping and also dodging to prevent.

With the stage put up in a comparable fashion to Half-Life"s well known Blast Pit boss fight, Gluttony continues to be in the center of the arena, and as such there"s no true escape aside from a quick dodge and jump below and there to remain safe. Keep picking apart his health and wellness, but, and eventually players will certainly have the ability to move onto the second fifty percent of the boss fight, through Gluttony ruining the arena and also plunging Fury into the abyss listed below.

Here, Gluttony retransforms to the develop that Fury had actually seen before, as the behemoth that previously blocked the way and also that Fury chased underwater in the first place. Once aget, the Sin will attempt to suck Fury in, and players will want to swim away to escape this danger. Also lashing forward with tentacles and also driving forward via a biting assault, it provides the huge underwater arena feel exceptionally tiny.

However, beating Gluttony in this final form is actually reasonably straightforward. Players will certainly desire to swim over to one of the 2 points on the map that spawns the underwater mines, and coax one out. Avoid enabling the mine to explode, and also instead wait for Gluttony to try and suck the player in, leading the mine over to the vortex. As it turns out, explosives are among the few things that the Sin does not discover palatable.

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After a pair of spicy meatballs, Gluttony then lies beat, and also all that remains is for Fury to swim up and and also create a final cutscene. All in all, this fight is absolutely more hard than the likes of Wrath, yet in the end the fearsome Sin is beat.