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1. True - information is verifiable if result is always the very same. 2. True- raw data as soon as Processed is recognize as information 3. True - when data is conserved in a format which is conveniently taken is understand as knowledge 4. False.- the price gas reduced with the brand-new s…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: 2 points Documents is shelp to be verifiable if the data constantly yields continuous results. O True O False 2 points The outcome of handling raw data to reveal its definition is recognized as indevelopment. True O False 2 points When information are gone into right into a kind and saved, they are put in the underlying database as expertise.* True False 2 points One disadvantage of a database device over previous data management approaches is enhanced prices. O True O False Data redundancy is offered to establish 2 points relationships in between data but is never supplied to boost database performance. * True O False 2 points Most systems developers think that information modeling is the leastern essential component of the devices development process. O True O False An enterprise data design explains 2 points the scope of information for just one indevelopment system. True False 2 points Characteristics of the framework of the database are generally readjusted during the implementation phase of the database breakthrough procedure. O True O False 2 points Most information that can be encountered are finest classified as semi- structured. O True O False A document is a logically linked set 2 points of one or more fields that describes a person, place, or thing. O True False 2 points The conceptual schema is always innovation specific.* O True O False The Entity-Relationship (E-R) model 2 points is designed to diagram entity kinds that are independent of each other.* O True O False 2 points Form indevelopment describes the quantity, area, and also types of a things. * True O False 2 points The DBMS reveals a lot of the database's internal intricacy to the application programs and also individuals.* O True O False An advantage of database units is 2 points that you require not perform regular updays and apply latest patches. O True O False When different versions of the very same 2 points information show up in various places it's referred to as data inconsistency. O True O False 2 points A decision is an interpretation of knowledge and also information. True O False 2 points The content indevelopment of a car would certainly describe its design number, color, price, options, horsepower, and also so forth. * O True O False The listed below entity name is Barcode. 2 points Product Barcode Name Description Price Quantity Expiry Date True False The listed below SQL statement will produce 2 points the employee entity. CREATE TABLE Employee (Employeeld INT NOT NULL, FirstName VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL, LastName VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (Employeeld)): Employee Employeeld FirstName LastName Email O True O False