Head to De La Mer Salon & Spa in Bellmore, NY for a relaxing and also well-deserved day at the spa. Properly cleanse your face via a tantalizing facial at this spa.

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First time tright here. Salon is uprange in decor and cleanliness. Jackie is lovely. Great hair reduced and also blow out and also Ashley excellent shade..
There was no wait, in reality I they took me at an early stage. They showed me roughly their beautiful brand-new salon and also both the colorist and also the hairdresser asked me inquiries and then explained what they were going to perform.I had actually a very relaxing time through a totally free conditioning, and I favor both the color and the cut. I will go ago.
I don't understand what taken place yet nails looked nice and also peeled best off in 3 days. Not also a chip and also the entirety 4 layers peeled off on at leastern 5 fingers. A regular polish. Imagine that.
The first time the manicure lasted nearly 3 weeks. I cleaned, and also did all my chores and also still it lasted a long time. The second time I saw bed after going to the Salon & Spa because I was not feeling well and also I woke up with missing nail polish on two nails, the next day nail polish was lacking on 5 nails....by Thursday (5 days later) just one nail had nail polish. The company was good, but the product was listed below my expectations.
Used my steustatiushistory.org for a manicure. Carmella was very nice and also did a beautiful job! I could attempt laser hair removal next!

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The lady who did my nails was a really nice lady, but I perform feel like she could've done a small little bit much better on my nails. I gained a shellac manicure and also as soon as I acquired ago residence I had to clean up all the nail polish on the skin on my fingertips because she didn't execute it. But it seemed favor a pretty nice place and I would certainly most likely go back tbelow again.

De La Mer Salon & Spa is a high-end day spa in Bellmore that offers both innovative and relaxing spa treatments. Say goodbye to blackheads and clogged pores via a facial! Need a shade refresh or a fresh cut? Head to this spa for a new, upgraded look. Take advantage of the complete suite of beauty solutions at De La Mer Salon & Spa such as consist of application. Pamper yourself via a lengthy or short massage and leave feeling refremelted and also focused. Due to high volume, this spa enforces a strict appointment-just plan to ensure timely and also no-wait beauty treatments. Take yourself out for a therapy or two, and don"t worry about spfinishing a fortune as prices are similar to other regional spas. This facility uses guests a vast selection of payment alternatives, including paying with a significant credit card. De La Mer Salon & Spa"s guests can take advantage of the simple street and lot parking choices. When you have to take a breather from your busy schedule, head on over to De La Mer Salon & Spa.