Difference between Depreciation, Depletion and also Amortization

All assets with an estimated useful life inevitably come to be exhausted. Different types of assets such as fixed, intangible & mineral assets are systematically reduced within their advantageous life. Difference in between depreciation, depletion and amortization counts on the form of ascollection in question.

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Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization are 3 primary means to apply such reductions in assets. To begin through, here is a quick referral table;



It is to spcheck out or allocate the cost of a tangible solved asset over its approximated financial useful life. In various other words, it might be viewed as a reduction in the cost of a resolved asset as a result of normal usage, wear and tear, brand-new modern technology, and also various other related factors.

Example – A agency charging 10% depreciation on all their structures, 25% depreciation on laptop computers, etc.

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Prorating price of an “Intangible Asset” over the duration in the time of which benefits of this asset are estimated to last is dubbed Amortization. The principle of amortization is also offered with leases & debt repayment.



When taking care of a natural reresource likewise referred as a mineral asset the principle of depreciation or amortization cannot be used. “Depletion” is a kind of a systematic reduction in the worth of a natural reresource based on the rate at which it is being supplied.

For example – A coal mine has 10 Million tonnes of coal and the coal extraction is happening at the price of 1 Million tonnes per year. In this case, depletion rate would certainly be 10% p.a. given that at this rate of extraction the coal mine is being depleted at 10% per year.


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