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Our Destiny 2 overview defines every little thing you have to know, consisting of choosing a course, a overview to Exotic armor, emotes, weapons, sparrows and ships, exactly how to create Heroic Public Events and also a lot even more.

Destiny 2 is actually two different games, and also it’s finest to make peace via that truth as quickly as feasible.

The tactics and also play behavior that you supplied to get your character to power level 265 or so all of a sudden come to be usemuch less. That implies it’s time to adjust exactly how you technique the game, or you have actually little to no hope of advancing additionally. The second component of your Destiny 2 adventure has actually just started, and also we’re going to assist you number out what comes next.

You might feel choose you’ve hit a brick wall and breakthrough is difficult, however we’re here to tell you that moving ahead is simpler than it seems. You just should totally readjust how you method the game.

Let’s gain began, shall we?

First, check out our guide to obtaining raid-ready

Our raid-ready guide focuses on leveling up conveniently through the expush intention of being able to play Leviathan, Destiny 2’s first rhelp, however the indevelopment inside will certainly help you acquire going if you feel stuck at 265. It’s a good area to acquire acquainted with the tactics that will keep you moving forward, and also then you have the right to come earlier to this guide for a step-by-action guide on exactly how to execute on those plans.

The next action, in truth, is pretty basic.

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Finish your Powerful Gear milestones

You’ll be given a fresh collection of Milestones eexceptionally week, and you’re going to want to emphasis on those that market Powerful Gear as a reward for completion. This is wright here the magic is going to happen.

Finish each one (they won’t constantly be easy) and you will certainly not only gain even more and also better equipment, you’ll likely be helping to level up your clan for the week as well. There are a finite number of Milestones, but they reset every Tuesday. You’ll desire to hit them all, and also get your 5,000 XP maximum clan contribution out of the means as shortly as possible.


Destiny 2 guide: What is the weekly reset?

If any of your Powerful Gear Milestones take area in public tasks, make certain you usage a Fireteam Medallion if you’re going to be playing for at leastern a couple of hrs. The rewards are difficult to pin dvery own, however at 50 Bappropriate Dust, the known minimal price is worth even a small feasible reward.

Be certain you’re making use of your time wisely also. Keep a Patrol mission going at all times, and also sign up with Public Events as soon as it’s convenient — and also make certain you know how to turn each one into a Heroic occasion for better rewards.

Clans offer you passive XP and bonus engrams, and also you have the right to contribute approximately 5,000 XP yourself per week — which will certainly acquire you even even more Powerful Gear from Hawthorne, the Clan Steward at the Tower — or assist via the checkboxes by taking part in high-level content yourself.

There’s no downside. Find a great clan, and sign up with it. Contribute as much as you deserve to, and also reap the rewards.

Find all the Cayde-6 chests

After the weekly recollection, go to Cayde-6 in the Tower — spoiler warning! — and also buy every one of his maps. You should be Glimmer-well-off at this allude, anymethod.


Destiny 2 guide: Cayde-6 Titan chest areas, Sept. 19-25

Spade icons will then show up on the map of each planet, and you’ll acquire Legendary (purple) gear or also some Exotics (yellow) by tracking them down.

This is a straightforward source of Legendary Shards, if nothing else, and those will certainly help you with the next 2 pieces of advice.

How to use the best mods

Once all your equipment is Legendary (purple) or above, and after you have actually found all the Cayde-6 chests, make sure eincredibly piece of equipment or weaponry has a Legendary mod attached.

This might be tricky — you can’t simply buy Legendary Mods until you hit 280 — however at this suggest you should have enough to buff most of your items and also tools.

This won’t offer you a huge rise in the grand system of things, however it’s not nothing. Your mod strategy will certainly adjust when you hit 280, however for currently, focus on farming what you have the right to for the a lot of effective armor and also weapons in your possession.

Take benefit of Xur

Xur will certainly be marketing exotic items eextremely week, and also they’re excellent fodder for infusion also if they’re not otherwise valuable to you. Make certain you visit him every week, which means making sure you’re farming enough Legendary Shards as you go.


Destiny 2 Xur guide

Hell, clean him out eincredibly week if you have the right to afford it. You never before know once you’re going to start another course, and also having actually an option of exotics all set to go in the vault is a good method to rise a brand-new Guardian’s power conveniently.

The exotics will certainly give you some versatility as soon as it pertains to builds, and also they have the right to be buffed up by infusion, however given that Xur’s items peak out at 265 through a +5 Mod for a total of 270, they’re not going to be that good for getting levels. This is even more around making certain your loadout of exotics is as flexible as possible between as many kind of classes as feasible.

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We can’t tension it enough: Buy every little thing Xur is marketing eincredibly week if you deserve to afford it. You never understand what could end up being crucial in the meta later in the game’s life. Gjallarhorn was a second-week item from Xur in the initially game. It came and went before many civilization kbrand-new how significant of a deal it would certainly ultimately come to be.

Learn from that mistake.

Hit all the blue crvery own searches, but do them one at a time

Blue crown quest lines will reward you with a guaranteed exotic item, but that item’s power is based on your power at the time at which you complete the pursuit.

So end up one quest entirely, make sure your power level is as high as feasible, and then move onto the next one. There’s a reason we left this task till the finish of the guide: You desire the most effective Exotic (yellow) items feasible without having actually to rekind to infusion.

If you really want to maximize your power gains, check what the rewards are for each of these searches, and make certain those slots are lagging prior to you complete them. An example: If your power level is 267 but your kinetic slot is 269, don’t complete the MIDA Multi-Device quest just then. Wait until your kinetic slot is lagging first.

Trials of the Nine

Trials of the Nine provides some significant rewards, yet you’re going to need to put together a serious fireteam to earn the best the mode has to sell. It’s additionally only accessible for a few days a week. Good luck via all that.

Tackle the raid

Leviathan is a challenge, yet we can aid. The loot have the right to be great, the initial power level reference is reasonable — also if you’ll want to be higher because of the difficulty of the final boss — and also you have the right to try it as many kind of times as you desire.

Nightfall strikes

Nightloss strikes are harder versions of the typical strikes, and they sell Powerful Gear if you’re able to complete them. You’ll desire to play via other significant players and also take benefit of voice chat, and there’s an also harder alternative via a power level reference of 300 if you really desire to difficulty yourself.

The Nightautumn strikes adjust eextremely week, and also are included in your Milestones, so be certain to hit them via regularity.

Is this it?

Come ago and also comsimple when you’ve done it all. These obstacles are not basic, and the Milestones will certainly readjust eincredibly week. If you’re able to go with the whole list eincredibly week, you’ll be at or near maximum level prior to you know it. Building a netoccupational of players that are prepared and willing to sign up with you for the Nightautumn strikes and also raids is crucial, so prioritize finding a good clan and proving yourself to be a team player.