Getting to power level 300 in Destiny 2 needs the majority of job-related. Some players take it simple and also discover the game at their very own pace, while others just want to max out their Guardians as quickly as feasible. If you desire to reach power level 300 in Destiny 2 fast, you’ll need to do specific things in a details order. This guide will certainly help you execute precisely that, by mirroring you which tasks to focus on at which point, what to prevent before the end-game, and also how to wisely spfinish your funds and time.

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Destiny 2 Quick Power level 300 guide

Destiny 2 Power Level Tips

Before we obtain right into the thick of it, right here are some things to carry out (and also some points to avoid) regardless of your power level:Save your weapon mods for later on. Use them to get previous the 265 plateau, rather of giving yourself a tiny boost alengthy the method.Decrypt engrams as soon as you get them. They drop with collection levels – if you wait, there’s a opportunity you won’t obtain a lot usage from the stuff inside.Do not infusage prior to power level 265. It’s a waste of valuable shards, which you have the right to rather usage to buy stuff from Xur or upgrade weapons once leveling up becomes much harder.

How to reach power level 230

After you end up the story campaign, you’ll probably end up around power level 200. Your first goal is to gain as much as 230. You have the right to begin off by doing heroic public occasions in the EDZ. You should likewise emphasis your attention on Lost Sectors – they won’t provide you anything jaw-dropping, however the equipment you acquire will be on a greater power level than yours, and also you’ll gain EDZ tokens. You deserve to then offer those tokens to Devrim Kay in exchange for legendary engrams. Once you’re around 230 power, the drops will certainly start being meaningmuch less.

How to acquire to power level 240

After you’ve worn down the European Dead Zone, repeat the very same process on Nessus. Take component in public occasions, and also if tright here isn’t enough people roughly for those (and you don’t desire to solo),go execute Lost Sectors. Give the Nessus Tokens you earn to Failsafe, and you’ll gain engrams in return.

How to reach power level 265

Once you’ve got to 240, it’s time to start doing strikes. At this allude, it’s really beneficial to have actually a team. Doing public occasions through random players is frequently basic sufficient, but a coordinated crew will certainly fare better in strikes. They reward you with Vanguard Tactician Tokens, which you can require to Zavala and trade them for engrams. Keep in mind that each strike will begin giving you less and much less tokens after the 3rd time you beat it.

How to gain previous the power level 265 plateau and max out your Guardian

When you gain to 265, you’ll hit a little of a plateau – blue items won’t carry out you no excellent anyeven more. Use weapon and armor mods to nudge your gear over to 270. You deserve to now start doing civilization searches. If you haven’t done them by accident currently, you have to take care of the exotic pursuits as well (favor the Mida Multi-Tool, Sturm and Rat King). Finally, go earlier to public events, yet use Fireteam Medallions to boost your opportunities of acquiring exotic engrams. You deserve to buy them from Tess Everis using Bright Dust.

You’ll desire to start infutilizing after you hit power level 271. Go back to making use of factivity sellers. They’ll offer you stuff that’s a little weaker than what you have actually (approximately -5). Placed legendary mods right into the stuff you get from them, then equip it and infusage it what what you were using till then. Once you get to 280, you can begin crafting legendary mods, using three similar blue ones to develop a purple. If you need even more information around infusion, inspect out our Destiny 2 Infusion & Legendary Mods guide.

This is likewise when you should begin doing milestones that offer effective equipment, favor Flashpoints, Nightfalls, Crucible and also Clan work. These milestones are weekly, so you can get the rewards only when per week. When you complete them, you’ll be rewarded through Luminous Planetary Engrams, which have stuff that’s as much as 10-15 power levels over what you have. Keep in mind their level gets collection as soon as you pick them up, so you can finish the activity and also let the engram sit at the merchant, not picking it up till you desire to increase your level.

How to use second character to rise your main

If you want to rise your main character also even more, you have the right to perform so using a second character (alt). It’ll take time, but you’ll gain double the amount of rewards from weekly landmarks. Here’s what you should do:Create a second character. Make certain it’s the same class as your major – this way they’ll get to share not just weapons, but armor as well.Finish the story project and get to level 20 with the second character.Transfer all your good stuff from the major to the alt. Now the alt is the same power level as the major.Complete the nigthloss, flashsuggest and also any kind of other weekly milestones that reward you via powerful equipment.Transfer the stuff earlier to the major, in addition to the rewards you earned with the alt.Repeat the process when a week, after the reset.

We’ve heard some rumors that show that if you create a second character of the same class, the exotic weapons from searches will certainly drop at a reduced level than they should. These rumors suggest that the exotic pursuit weapons are locked at or approximately the level your first character of a course obtained them. If this is true, you could acquire about it by making your second character a various course. This would soptimal you from making use of your end-game armor on the alt, forcing you to grind some more. Even if the rumors are true, we still recommfinish taking the exact same course for your second (and third character), since it’s all around acquiring the many luminous engrams – the exotics from searches are simply a nice bonus.

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