When fighting against Champions in Destiny 2, you want to perform as a lot damages as feasible so you deserve to kill them prior to they wipe your team. However, it can be slightly confmaking use of whether to usage Major Spec or Boss Spec versus them.

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Champions usually count as majors, making Major Spec the damages mod to usage versus Champions. However before, Champions also count as bosses for the perk Vorpal Weapon, and also as mini-bosses for the Aeon exotic armor pieces. Boss Spec will not work on Champions.

What does and doesn’t occupational on Champions in Destiny 2 deserve to be a bit confmaking use of, as you deserve to see. We’ll go comprehensive into every little thing you need to recognize to deal the the majority of damages feasible against Champions in your next Rhelp or Nightautumn.

Do Champions Count as Bosses or Majors?

In Destiny 2 tright here are 4 major adversary types:

Minor – Regular red-bar enemy.Major – Yellow bar enemies such as Lost Sector bosses, Champions, etc.Ultra – Oarray bar adversaries.Boss – Bosses such as Rassist bosses, Strike bosses, etc.

For those 4 adversary kinds, tbelow are 3 normal weapon mods that administer a flat 7% damages buff against the selected foe type:

Minor Spec – For minor adversaries.Major Spec – For Majors and Ultras.Boss Spec – For Bosses and Vehicles.

There’s likewise Adept Big Ones Spec for Adept weapons that gives a 7% damage buff against both Majors and also Bosses, which is great for Nightdrops and Raids.

Now, when you kill a Champion in a Nightautumn, it states that you’ve killed a “Mini-boss”. So you have to usage Boss Spec against Champions, right? Well….. no. Here’s why:

Champions count as Majors in Destiny 2. Don’t believe me? Let’s execute some trial and error, then.

I went into a Legend Lost Sector and did some experimentation against Overload Champions with Point of the Stag. I tested damage without any type of mods, with Major Spec, and via Boss Spec to determine which uses. Here are the results:

Base (Without Mods)With Major SpecWith Boss Spec

As you have the right to see, Major Spec takes the cake right here, interpretation Champions count as Majors.

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Does Vorpal Weapon Work Against Champions?


Ppost Deconstructor with the exotic Fusion Rifle One Thousand also Voices shreds Champions much faster than the previous season’s combo, often killing them in one shot! Like Breach and also Clear, Pwrite-up Deconstructor is in the last column of the artireality, so it takes 10 artifact mod unlocks to have the ability to unlock it; which have the right to take quite a while to unlock.

Aside from Pwrite-up Deconstructor, having actually the team emphasis fire Champions is absolutely the means to go, especially in high-level content.


When doing high-level content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master Raids, it is imperative to be able to kill Champions easily. Otherwise, they will certainly demolish you and your fireteam. Fighting Champions is a lot much easier once making use of the ideal mods and also loadouts.

Hopecompletely, now you will certainly be much better equipped, both literally and also figuratively, to take on Champions in Destiny 2.