God developed Adam and also Eve and so, according to the Bible, humankind began. The Koran likewise points to Adam and also his wife as the first world. The development story as referred to in their Holy Book by Jews, Christians and also Muslims is the ideal known variation, but tbelow is astonishing variety of other stories about Adam and also Eve. They have been passed dvery own by word of mouth from one generation to the next, in all components of the civilization. Mineke Schipper’s book is the first to address these mainly unfamiliar stories.

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At last we discover answers to questions such as: Did Adam and Eve wear apparel in paradise? Did they have sex tbelow or only much later? How did Satan concerned be in the Garden of Eden? Did he sleep via Eve before Adam did, and was he perhaps the father of Eve’s firstborn kid Cain that later committed fratricide? One prodiscovered question underlies them all: Wbelow did evil come from, if the human being was created perfect?

According to the majority of stories, Adam’s troubles start through the production of Eve. Although not constantly the first to eat the forbidden fruit, she is regularly blamed for the loss of paradise. In the primitive Jewish tradition, Adam’s first wife Lilith, produced together with him, wanted to be his equal. Many kind of Christian paintings present the snake in the Tree of Knowledge as having the head and tempting top body of Lilith. In the stories and also their accompanying artfunctions, are afraid of female sexuality produces a photo of temptation and also doom.

In all 3 religions, the clay provided to produce Adam’s body originates from all over the world, but his head has more particular origins. In Jewish legacy, God takes the mud for Adam’s head from the place wright here the Temple in Jerusalem would later on be built. In Christian stories, God supplies clay from Golgotha, wbelow Jesus will be crucified. And in Islamic stories Adam’s head is made of earth from the place where the Ka’aba in Capital now stands.

Schipper mirrors that stories around Adam and Eve in various societies, and also their accompanying images, originate from the same sources in the Center East prior to they spread across the human being together with the 3 religious beliefs. The extent to which those stories have actually shaped our cultures and also beliefs, she says, shows a unity in diversity that contributes to structure bridges. The great array of traditional stories enables them to throw light on each various other and develop room for dialogue in between believing and also non-believing descendants of Adam and Eve.

Makes clear how stories of Adam and also Eve served to lay a foundation for unequal gender relationships in the 3 religions.Draws upon a wide range of traditional and contemporary imperiods to administer remarkable illustrations of the means in which Adam and Eve have been stood for in the three faiths and around the human being.

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No absence of captivating product here. With Adam and also Eve Everywhere a treasury of prehistoric stories is lugged clearly right into view.

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Mineke Schipper (b. 1938) is Emeritus professor of Intersocial Literature Studies at the University of Leiden and the author of a number of academic books, esclaims and novels, including Imagining Insiders: Africa and also the Question of Belonging (1999). Her book on proverbs around women Never Marry a


Overal Adam en Eva. De eerste mensen in jodendom, christendom en islam (2012). Non-fiction, 350pperiods. Words: 105,500

With illustrations in colour and black-and-white, notes and references

Themes: religion



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