Okay soyou’reobtaining gel nails.You’veheard around the benefits:instantdrying,weeks of wear,long-lasting shine,andchip resistance.But what exactlyare “gelnails?”The term means different thingsdepfinishing onyourarea, or the nail tech or salon you go to.Butone thing that all gel nails have actually in widespread is thatthey’realways cured underLED or UV light.

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If your nailsaren’tbeing curedin a lamp,you’renot getting gel, no issue whatthesalon is telling you.But which gel is best?

Thereare so many type of various names for services and also products-it have the right to gain confutilizing rapid. How deserve to you truly understand what you’re gaining,and whether it’s the right product for you?Any and allof the complying with terms you’ve heard might be thought about gel nails:

Gel Polish

Gel Manicure


Hard Gel

Builder Gel

Structure Gel

Structured Manicure

Sculpting Gel





Confusing, right?How canso manycommodities, which are allslightlyvarious, loss under the term “gel?” In basic, they all have actually a similar gel-prefer consistency, andthey’reall cured under LED or UV light, but they are not all produced equal. Let us help you decipher the terms.To begin, they can at leastern be broken dvery own right into 2 main categories: soft gel and hardgel.

SOFT GEL (Gel Polish)

The the majority of commonproductworld are trying to find once they ask for gel isgelpolish, which is taken into consideration a “softgel.”The development of gel polish was rather the revelation foritstime. Until then we just had naillacquer(consistent nail polish), the sort we often paint our nails with at residence. The biggestproblemthrough nail polish isthatitdoesn’tcontinue to be onvery lengthy. Some uncover it chips withina day or two(although correct nail prep and also applicationmust permit nail polish to remajor onfor 7-10 days).So,themajor innovation through gel polishwasthat it remains on10days to2weeks.This is good news for those of uswhodesire lasting shade, especially as soon as compared to continual nail polish. Butit’svital to note that gel polish does not defend ournails from bending and also breaking. Just think of it asnail polish that remains on longer.

Whenwehear world talk about acquiring agel manicure,what’sreally happening is that they are acquiring a gel polish application.The term manicurehave the right to bemisleading,becausemanicurestraditionallyinvolvesoakingandcuticlesoftener.And you can go to many salons that will certainly performthe traditional manicureorganization consisting of soaking and cuticlesoftenerthrough your gel polish application. Butwhenyou’reobtaining gel polishthe last point you should perform is soak or use anyoil-based product (like cuticle softener) to your nailsprior to the polish goes on.Thisisbereason it will certainly not adright here correctly to the nail, which means it can come off prematucount, and the totality allude of getting gel polishis that is stays on longer!Gel polish applicationhasitsvery own prescribed nail preparation.Each brand also and manufacturer will certainly have actually a recommended preparation procedure for the product to workas intended, and this is what have to be followed.Generally,a “dry manicure” isrecommendedprior to using gel polish. This consists oftrimming and shaping the nails,pushing ago the cuticle, buffing the shine off the nail,andnipping amethod any kind of dead or loose hanging skin. Now the nails are ready for gel polish.If you want a wetmanicure - maybe you prefer it or your cuticles needadditional TLC -it"sideal tocarry out it on a various day than your gel polish application.


If gel polish is soft gel,thenwhat is difficult gel? Remember just how we saidthatsoft gel(gel polish)won’tprotectyour nails from bending and also breaking? Hard gel will certainly.Hard gel isa nail enhancement that is used to your herbal nails to provide them toughness and also framework.It isoftenpainted on with a brush,butyournailtechmayapply it differently dependingon the size, style, and also form of your nails.It have the right to be clear or colored. It deserve to additionally be supplied to extend the length of your nails(nail extensions).Otherterms civilization use to explain difficult gel include:builder gel,structure gel, sculpting geland also resin.These are all hard gel, simply by various names.The main distinction between soft and also difficult gel is that tough gel is stronger and harder, so it much better protects your nails from bending and breaking, and also it continues to be on longer than soft gel (gel polish). The one potential drawearlier we’ve discovered via tough gel is that a “warmth spike” can be created as the product is curing in the lamp. This means that you might feel warmth on the surconfront of your nails that have the right to be uncomfortable, but if you rerelocate your hand also it will go away and also you can return your hand also to the lamp.




Acrylic is anothernail enhancement product that is used to the nails to offer them toughness and framework.You can telltraditionalacrylic is being provided on you as soon as a liquid and also a powder are linked into a paste that is then applied to your nail through a brush, and also it hardens on its own withoutcuringin a lamp.We at Luster callthis acrylic application approach “standard acrylic” because a newandeasierway of using acryliclatercame onthe scene; enterdip powder.A lot of peopledon’t realize that dip powder or dipping powder isstillacrylic powder, just with a different applicationmethod.Dip powder is acrylic powderthrough added vitamins that isused in a series of layerswithglue(likewise called glazes). Itsbest marketing suggest is that you get the look and feel of acrylic without the devastating smell connected withtraditionalacrylic.If tright here is powder involved,you’regaining acrylic.

We carry out not usage conventional acrylic at Luster, yet we are currently giving a dip powder organization on herbal nails.If you’ve heard human being talk aboutSNS, they are referring to a brand also of dip powder.This agency claims to have actually been the first to release a dippowderso the name has actually come to be identified through dip powder.At Luster the brand we presently use isKiara Sky™.


It’snot necessarily the instance that one product is finest,butratherwhich product is best for you.Specifically, your nail objectives, your lifestyle, and your herbal nail chemisattempt.Everyone’s herbal nail chemisattempt is various, and some commodities will occupational better via your nail chemisattempt than others.Think of your nails like your skin; they can be dry or oily, via differing levels of texture,and also theydeserve to changeover time.Eexceptionally product has its pros and cons, and also a good nail tech have the right to recommend the ideal fit for your nailsand the method you live and job-related.


Now thatyou’ve learned the basics of soft gel vs. hard gel vs.acrylic,let’s break all the rules. The future of nail creation appropriate currently is in hybrid commodities, where you have the right to takethe finest elements of various commodities and incorporate them.AtLuster Nail Parlour, webelievetough gel is a superior product to traditionalacrylic. The one thing thatwas constantly tricky about tough gel was that it might notbe soaked off. Ithad actually tobe filed off gently.That’swhy we are so happy to have uncovered a newhybridproduct calledMulti-Flex Gel. It has all the benefits of hard gel, however It have the right to be soaked off. It has the stamina of acrylic, the flexibility of difficult gel, and also the remaining power of dip powder. You deserve to book an appointment to try our Multi-Flex Gel fromLuminary Nail Systemshere:LusterNails.com/BookNow. If you are interested in nail extensions, please book a Consultation.


The nail industry is ever before evolving and altering, so it’s necessary to save an eye on what’s emerging.In many casesit’s a version of somepoint that currently exists, but if it’s truly innovative and also exceptional, it might be worth including to the roster.At Luster, we are continuouslywatchingtrends to see what’s happening, and also what we should to take into consideration adding to our Services Menu,if it makes sense.

Aproductthat’kid trfinish in salons best currently istheGel-X™ Nail Exanxiety SystembyAprés. Using this mechanism, a pre-developed nail guideline is adhered to your entirenatural nail bed (as opposed to gluing a tip to the exceptionally edge of your nail) using their gel product, which is then cured in alamp.Right now at Luster we prefer to extend nail size utilizing difficult gel or Multi-Flex Gel.

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We’vehad actually inquiries from a couple of clients on The IBX System. IBXStrengthenand also IBX Repair are two products froma firm calledFamous Names. We find these productsintriguing and also have heardgood reviews,so we will store them in mind for the future.Fornow,we feel confident that we canaccomplishequivalent resultsmaking use of a thin layer of clear Multi-Flex Gel.


You don’t have to go it alone. We will proceed to carry out sources for our guests and also routinely upday our FAQS, and also you can always book a cost-free consultation via us atLusterNails.com/BookNow.Sit down with a Luster Nail Technician that canassesswright here your nails are now,discussyour nail goalsfor the future, and also figure out a healthy method to obtain you there

At the time of this publication many type of of our guests proceed to have concerns around gaining their nails done during COVID-19. We hope our last blog write-up can assist you make the best decision for you.