Are they both correct? If so, what is the difference and also which one is more common?

2)My patience started to wear out.My patience started to be worn out.

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Are they both correct? If so, what is the distinction and also which one is more common?


When a verb has no object, we contact it intransitive:

Shoes wear out.

When a verb takes a things, we contact it transitive:

Running on concrete wore out his knees.

"His knees" is the object. "Running on concrete" is the topic.

We have the right to "flip" a transitive verb in the active voice (see the sentence around "knees" above) and also make it a passive construction:

His knees were worn out by running on concrete.

We have the right to omit the agent (that which performs the action):

His knees were worn out.

Somepoint wore his knees out, but we do not recognize what it was. Was he a fireman who climbed ladders all day? In this develop, we"re basically saying his knees are in particular state or condition, since the agent is unexpressed.

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