I log into my financial institution account tonight to find DirecTV has cleaned me out to the penny in checking. I've never before had actually business through DirecTV. I have as soon as in the past supplied my delittle card to make a single payment on my mother's account over the phone.

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My mommy is previous due and also owes them, but I never before authorized them to save my card on file. So after seeing this I log right into her account and find my delittle card is now the primary on the account also though I did not authorize that!

Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on here? I'll never in a million years think about these fools for service. And no, my mommy didn't steal my debit card details and also update it herself.


Im a billing agent for directv. The reason this taken place is because you actually gave us permission to use the account for any kind of unpaid balances if the account becomes dislinked. Its part of the disclosure you would have had actually to agree to whether you made the payment digital, with the auto phone system or via a rep.

Ill say that considering that it is not actually your account, any type of rep have to have the ability to put in a refund research for the complete amount. Now that's not a guarantee you'll gain it ago but it's the finest an agent or supervisor deserve to execute. You have the right to additionally file a conflict via your bank to try and also obtain it ago as well.

Exactly best. Plus if the billing address for the card is the billing attend to on file, you'll likely be denied. All of this is outlined in the service agreement.

Many business companies, including DirecTV, aggressively collect debts that are owed to them. One of the methods they do this is by trying to charge any type of card/ payment choice that has ever before been linked through the account. This exercise is prominently disclosed when signing up for DirecTV, and is included in their regards to company. Since your card was supplied to make a payment on the account in the past, DirecTV retained it on file and attempted to collect the debt from it.

Yes.. a repertoire of customers, handful of techs, and a few customer service reps understand the specifics of your situation without any kind of actual indevelopment of what happened...

Have you referred to as DirecTV and told them you never authorized the charge and desire to have it refunded?

I did but CS isn't open up until the morning. I'm concerned bereason they debited me to the penny yet I also locked my card and account so hoping that avoids them dipping right into my payinspect tomorrow, likewise the resource of my prompt worry. Sorry for asking below, Christ.

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If your mom disconnected her account, or was put into disaffix status because of non-payment, she had actually 44 days to make a last payment until DTV takes it from any kind of card that has actually been authorized to make payment on the account. You were more than likely charged the complete past due amount, plus any type of devices non-rerevolve fees, plus an earl cancellation fee if she was under contract.