There a many kind of world out tright here going through unstable times, yet just how many type of of you are truly heart broken!? And just how heart broken are those of you with broken hearts?

Are you heart broken? How heart broken? Before this quiz came alengthy, you can wonder, and also attempt an rate it on your very own, yet now, tall you need to execute is answer a couple of inquiries, and also you will discover out!

Created by: Lilytoes

Have you lost a loved one? :"( yes! Why? Why? Waaaaa.... Yeah... yet it was a cshed pet, not perkid.. :( Nope! :) No, my entirety family members and also all my friends have actually great health and wellness and also live in safe areas. :DDid you lose you companion (through death or separation or anything like that.) YES!! My love is dead! :"( Yes, my love is gone/left No, my love is still with me I do not have a love, yet I want one I do not have a love. Don"t want a love. Won"t loss in love. (Me: that"s what they all say silly. But okay you can pick this answer.)What"s the interpretation of life? Enjoy the currently, there can not be a tomorrow Enjoy everyday! That"s what life is for! Humans were born to die Life is gods means of punishing us for our sins :(Are you sick? (In any way, blood sickness, flue, cold, bone sickness, brain sickness, any kind of sickness.) Yep, yet it will go away Yep, for life :( No No, I seldom gain sick :)Are you in pain? (Like damaged bone, muscle pain, mental pain, anything you think of as pain.) Yes, a lot, so much pain!! :( Yeah, a little No Nope, not a yet, I seldom feel painDo you dream even more, or have actually nightmares more? Dreams! Lovely dreams, so lovely, c: Nightmares Mostly just night terrors....

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13!! Does that scare you? Yes, Yes! It"s the number that describes my life! :""""( I do not favor it, yet it"s not scary No, I have nothing in this people to are afraid NoAny significant regrets? Yes, their so big!!!! Yes Not a one Not really big one,Do you talk to yourself? (Don"t problem, I perform, and also I currently observed a psychologist around it, they say I"m not crazy.) Yes, however I really am crazy Yes, yet I"m not crazy NoDo you think there"s a ghost surrounding or that it comes eincredibly now and also then? Yes, it involves haunt me.. :"( No? OH s--- s--- s---!!! GHOST!! CRAP I THINK IT TOOK MY PHONE s--- s--- s---!!! No way.Are you crying? Yes, life sucks :"( Not right currently, however I execute cry over life a lot Are you kidding me!? I"m laughing my head off about answer number two to your last question! (Me: yeah me 2, hahahahahahahahahaha!!!) No I virtually never cry, haven"t got a reason toI love you as a frifinish now! :"( so sweet waaaaaaa! I waaaa, love waaaa you waaaa to! WaAaaaaaa Aww, so sweet Your weird, but sweet Eww

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Quiz topic: Am I Heart Broken

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