Texas Spine Consultants Blog You Could Have a Herniated Disc: Here are the Top Symptoms to Look For

Undefined physical pain in your arms and legs deserve to develop into among the best obstacles to living an active life. Many of Dr. Michael Hennessy’s patients at Texas Spine Consultants in Addikid and also Plano, Texas, have a herniated disc. This common and also painful problem results when pressure on the spine causes a disc to slip or rupture and also press on the adjacent nerves, a lot of typically in the reduced earlier or neck.

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If you’ve been experiencing persistent pain in an arm or leg, you can have actually an untreated herniated disc. Recognizing these symptoms have the right to suggest you and also Dr. Hennessy toward treatment — and also relief — as quickly as possible. Here are the most common signs that you can have this painful condition.

Pain in your arm or leg

You generally endure pain in a leg or arm closest to the herniated disc. For instance, if the herniated disc is in your lower ago, you can suppose to feel pain relocating throughout the nearest leg. Typical areas of pain in the leg encompass the buttock, thigh, calf, and foot. This type of relocating pain is additionally known as sciatica.

If the herniated disc is in your neck area, you’re most likely to feel the pain in the nearemainder arm. Pain will relocate via locations of the shoulder, arm, and also the hands and also fingers.

Sensations of tingling and also numbness

Alengthy through pain, you might likewise endure sensations of numbness or tingling in your affected arm or leg. This is the result of the herniated disc pinching the adjacent nerves.

A herniated disc in your reduced ago might leave you via numbness and also tingling in the leg and toes. Patients with herniated discs located in the neck have the right to feel numbness and tingling in the hands, fingers, and also arm.

Weakness in the muscles

Herniated discs regularly reason adjacent muscles to undermine. People via a herniated disc in their reduced ago might feel weak or unsecure while walking or running. If the herniated disc is in your neck, you have the right to feel unstable as soon as holding, lifting, or transferring items you could formerly control through little bit to no trouble.

Neck pain and spasms

If your herniated disc is in your neck, it’s additionally common to endure neck pain, a lot of frequently on the earlier and side of your neck. The pain might obtain worse as soon as you revolve your neck.

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Certain patients will certainly additionally experience spasms that reason their neck to involuntarily twitch.

While a herniated disc have the right to be a painful problem, many type of therapies have the right to carry you pain relief that makes it much easier to go around your everyday life. Dr. Hennessy functions with patients in and approximately Addikid and Plano, Texas, to build a personalized treatment arrangement. If you suspect you might have actually a herniated disc, call us now to schedule an initial appointment.