While mentioning difficulty via my brother in chat, he the majority of of the times ask me how you obtain to the solution and also then I need to define each action. And in between he store on asking me questions. This was about chat so there is no trouble.

Now if I"m creating a mail, what I execute is I write the solution to the difficulty and also ask him that "if you have any type of difficulty then ask me".

He is my brvarious other so he understands yet if I carry out same via via any type of professor then that will certainly be a trouble for me.

Please aid me through some phrases which means "if you have any type of trouble then ask me" however in polite manner.

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asked Jul 26 "15 at 14:44

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Tright here are many ways to express this idea. The one I usage the majority of often at job-related once I would prefer someone to feel totally free to ask me questions is:

Please don"t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or comes to.

Another way you could expush it is:

Please let me recognize if you have actually any concerns.

To make it even more polite you would repursuit that the reader contact you by utilizing "please"; Omitting the "please" sometimes provides it seem prefer a demand also instead of a repursuit. In the right context something prefer "Let me know if you have actually any questions." is fine. The "please" simply renders certain the tone comes across as polite.

Also, if you desire to be very deferential to someone prefer a professor, you might indicate that the reason they might have actually a question is as a result of some fault of yours, for example you didn"t describe somepoint clearly or you may have actually misinterpreted their message. For instance,

Please ask if something I"ve written isn"t clear.

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