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Arya eliminated Ser Meryn Trant, one of the names on her list. Helen Sloan/HBO

The goal ostensibly is to enhance her senses as a part of her training. Her teacher, a Facemuch less Man well-known in the books only as "the kindly guy," periodically sneaks up on her and also smacks hervia his stick. One night, she effectively identifies him and, as a result, she gets her eyesightago.

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Thoughthat"s not specifically what happens.

Instead of sensing her teacher as he assumes, it"s implied thatArya wargs into a catthat she has developeda bond through in Braavos:

"I know that you’re the one who has actually been hitting me." Her stick flaburned out, and cracked versus his fingers, sending his own stick clattering to the floor.

The priest winced and snatched his hand earlier. "And just how can a blind girl understand that?"

I experienced you.<...> Maybe on the morrow she would tell him about the cat that had adhered to her home last night from Pynto’s, the cat that was hiding in the rafters, looking dvery own on them. Or perhaps not. If he can have secrets, so could she.

This matters bereason it speaks to a higher link that Arya hregarding being a Stark. Warging, or the act of seeing with the eyes of an pet, is somethingGeorge R.R. Martin has actually shelp all the Stark children share, more or less. In the publications, Jon Scurrently sometimes wargs right into his direwolf Ghost in his sleepand present watchers havechecked out Bran possess this traitby warging into his wolf Summer and also his companion Hodor.

In the books, Arya generally desires through the eyes of her direwolf Nymeria, who fans of the showwill certainly remember wasfreed in season oneafter Nymeria little bit then-Prince Joffrey Baratheon who was about to strike her through a sword.


Arya saying goodbye to her direwolf Nymeria that she releases to speak Prince Joffrey or Queen Cersei from killing it. HBO

Even though she sent her wolf ameans, Arya still has actually a very strong link to Nymeria, commonly dreaming she is the direwolf that is leading a big fill of other wolves across the Riverlands. These wolf dreamscome to her many kind of times throughout the publications, however keep her grounded as Arya Stark while she is training to come to be "no one" at the Housage of Babsence and also White.

The present is reminding audiences in various other methods that Arya is not going to be willing to leave behind her Stark identity so easily. Hiding her sword Needle that Jon Snow offered her rather of throwing it ameans and also killing Ser Meryn Trant were such examples.

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Arya did not throw away Needle prefer she was supposed to. Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

But to see this beloved character developapower we"ve only watched her brvarious other Bran possess on the display would have been extremely satisfying indeed.