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Maybe going ring-free is a trend now…

With his steustatiushistory.orgntroversial policies and also meme-inducing aesthetic, human being don’t tfinish to look past Donald Trump’s challenge. In fact, it was just on the day of his inauguration, once he was sworn in as President, that a lot of of us noticed his hands for the initially time. It was then that the people started to question why Donald Trump and Melania don’t hold hands, additionally bringing our attention to the surpincreasing reality that the President doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

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Donald Trump has actually been married to Slovenian-born design turned First Lady, Melania Trump, because 2005, and despite her never before being viewed without her 13-carat emerald-reduced diamond, her husband also has never worn a wedding ring.


‘I think they’re making a statement by not wearing one,’ New York psychotherapist Jeanne More secure explained to the New York Times, talking about males that forgo the wedding band heritage. ‘It may unsteustatiushistory.orgnsciously signal availcapability for adultery, either actually or in fantasy.’

Net individuals were quick to suggest out, yet, that Trump has actually never before been a keen wearer of jewellery, opting against wearing a wedding band also during his past marriage to initially wife, Ivana Zelnickova, and also only rarely sporting one while married to his sesteustatiushistory.orgnd wife, Marla Maples.

We doubt Melania is involved – it looks like not wearing a wedding band also can be a Trump family members custom, with other family members seeming to forgo wedding band also heritage too.

His daughter Ivanka, newly appointed Assistant to the President, has been married to Jared Kushner, now Senior Advisor to the President, since 2009, and also while she does wear a wedding band also, she chooses to wear it on her appropriate hand quite than on her left, frequently leaving her 5.22-carat sparkler at residence.


While it seems prefer a stselection Trump custom, on closer inspection tright here are actually the majority of high profile figures that choose to forgo the marital legacy and go ring-less.

Some steustatiushistory.orguples favor Beywhen and Jay Z opt for ring finger tattoos over bands, others prefer Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith don their rings sporadically, and also then tbelow are some that have actually never worn wedding rings or a variation of them, ever before.

Despite being married to Kate Middleton, currently the Duchess of Cambridge, given that 2011, Prince William has actually never before worn a wedding band also for the incredibly simple factor that he doesn’t desire to.

‘He is not one for jewellery’, explained a Palace aide. ‘He’s never before worn any kind of. He determined he didn’t want to wear one currently. It’s all down to individual preference.’

Prince William’s decision, yet, is not an unprevalent one through both his father Prince Charles, his grandfather Prince Philip, and also raising numbers of guys choosing to leave their ring fingers bare.

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